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Unlocking the Cosmic Energies: Mano's Astro Tarot Forecast for April 2024 - No April Fools!

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Mano's Astro Tarot - April 2024

The Predictions for April 2024

To start with (without being too dramatic), the great winds of change will start to happen on April 8th with the first Solar Eclipse of the year approaching our earth in great dynamic Aries. So, be prepared for the unexpected. Your life will begin a huge transformation. It won’t happen overnight though, so you will have time to acclimate with all the changes.

Also, my cards tell me that for the rest of the month whatever doors that have been locked for your work or business in general, will now be opening up for you! Also, they tell me there will be some form of new money that will be introduced to us in our country that will have more of a permanent hold with our current currency.

This spring overall will seem to go very fast as if you have no control over it. Also, it will be a time when you’ll have some reservations about whom you’ll want to keep as friends in your life. On a high note, your intuition will get stronger, and this time. You’ll even know how to use it. And no April fools in all of this!!!!


From April 1 to the 24th, Mercury will be in retrograde. During this timeframe, it is recommended you don’t light any votive candles for my candle rituals because whatever your intentions will reverse.

Here is a list of other things to do and to avoid:

  • At this time, mechanical things can break down, so don’t buy anything new that is mechanical.

  • Don’t sign any new contracts.

  • There are usually delays at this time.

  • There is a lot of miscommunication, so explain yourself very clearly.

  • This is also a time to spend with family and friends.

  • Nonetheless, this is a very good time to meditate and rest.

  • Also, take your time in whatever you’re doing.

  • Don't don’t jump to conclusions.

The signs that are most affected at this time are Taurus, Virgo, and Gemini, but if your birthday falls between April 1 - 24, you’ll be able to get through Mercury in retrograde better than most people. And if you or anyone you know has a better remedy to get through Mercury in retrograde, please reach out to me! I’d really like to know about it!!

Light all around you ;-)!


(See your astrological sign below:)


There will be some projects that you want to get done but there will be delays because there will be a trip that you may be taking. The trip you take will be short but very fulfilling. Although you feel you have a lot of work to complete, you get everything done on time!


This will be a month where you can’t see everything happening around you, but everything will fall into place for you just the same. The Universe is doing this because of your control issues. Since you have natural diplomatic skills, you get everything ironed out at work and in record time. Plus, whatever doesn’t work for you will somehow resolve itself all on its own!


You feel you are ready to have that romance that you’ve wanted. Finally! You soon discover it’s just not going to work out. There is a work project that you want to do and to your amazement, all the pieces fall into place for you! Someone you know who is younger than you is having a tough time, but because of your know-how, you resolve it for them.



This will be a good time to invest a little bit of money right now. In time the results will be humongous for you! There will be a task you’ll have to undertake that you have not been trained to accomplish, but you somehow pull it off.


Because of your genuine innocence and charm, you get the project you want. You may have to take a trip with someone close to you, (to more than just hold their hand). There are business issues that only you can resolve. They’ll be so thankful that they didn’t dump you in the end!


Although you feel your work is not as progressive as you like it to be, in the end, everything takes off for you! A close friend will be staying with you for a while, but their health is not the best. It will be up to you to nurse them back to health. There is a good chance that this person is a love interest too, but you also don’t feel too healthy. So, heal each other together and make it work!


There is some intense work you’ll have to do that requires consideration and patience. It would be wise to get some help with this. Also speaking of work, there may be someone there who may get into an accident. You’ll be there to help! Long story short, this will be a month where more than one person will need your help!


This will be one of those months where everything will feel like it’s on the spin-dry cycle, but because of your great Scorpio intuition, you’ll handle yourself just fine. On the bumpy side, you may hear from an ex of yours who may be in very ill health. I recommend you hear what they have to say to you. In short, try to find some time just to be alone with yourself.


You may go through some kind of a health scare. A check-up won’t hurt you. There will be a young child that will require your guidance. Take the time out to give it. It will pay off in the future for them. There is a work project that you’ll bury yourself in. The rewards will be great for you!


You have some dilemmas in your work. You’ll take a chance to do something experimental that will work out. You sometimes over-worry about your health, but the cards tell me you're just fine. You’ll have an opportunity to have some fun. Take advantage of it even though it’s not part of your personality!


You sometimes lack confidence in your work. Remember the more confidence you have, the fewer accidents you’ll get yourself into. Chances are you’ll be going on a trip to see some friends even though you’re not in the mood to do so. You’ll enjoy yourself. Remember, whatever dreams you have, they will come true in the most unexpected ways, so don’t get discouraged!


You have this urge to buy something outrageous, but you feel guilty about it at the same time. Someone who loves you will get it for you as a gift anyway. You’ll have an opportunity to change around a work obligation. I recommend you take advantage of it.


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