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The Prognosis for August 2022

On a world level, whatever we feel stuck on, we will find another way of doing things so everything will work out. So if we feel stuck with gas or petroleum, we will find other alternatives. It could also mean on a health level. Speaking of health, whatever we have been dealing with for a long time in our culture, we will be breaking the cycle. On an employment level, there will be lots of work regardless of what the news is saying. The governments in the world are thinking about adding a new tax that we have to pay, but at the last minute, they will chicken out and not apply it. I feel this tax may have to do with Covid. Even though they decided not to add a tax, it doesn’t mean on a health level we shouldn’t be careful. Last but not least, there will be lots of new changes happening on the planet. I don’t know what it implies, but our world as a whole will be improving without much sacrifice. Not that I want to be labeled the Pollyanna psychic, but this is what the cards are telling me.

Light all around you!


(See your astrological sign below:)


Even though you feel you are on automatic pilot and doing things without thinking, you are doing a great job. And since we are on the subject, you are tired of the kind of work you do with your life and part of you wants to change your job description. Don’t do it yet because you are doing a great job and are needed. Because of the work you have done in your past you are going to be financially rewarded. It is as if your company is giving you a bonus. Last but not least, you are not getting enough sleep, so find a way to get proper nourishment while you sleep. This is a suggestion; it would be nice if you took a well-needed vacation.


There is a partner in your life that you are not supporting with the professional decisions that they are making with their career. It would be wise if you support them. There is a very good chance that you will be going on a trip. I’m not sure if it is work-related, but this trip will help you get exactly what you want. Your superiors at work would like to give you a new position that they think you will excel at. You have ambivalence about it because it is not part of your job description. I would encourage you to take it anyway because you will do very well at it.


There is someone at work that your superiors want you to partner with, but for some reason, you don’t get along with this person. For the time being, just make the best of it. What this will do is lead you to bigger better things with your company, and you may wind up getting a partnership. There is a chance that your mate for life might want to have a separation from you.


You are going to be put in a dilemma where you might have to let go of someone. Please try to use the best of your diplomatic skills to do it. The cards say that you may be going through a little bit of a difficult time this month, but you will get through it with flying colors. For some reason, you may have some communication problems with your spouse or your mate. Not that the information that you are communicating is detrimental, but it can cause a riff. This might have to do with technology so maybe your cell phone isn’t fully powered or you are on silent. Needless to say, there is some lack of communication going on. There has been an answer that you have been wanting regarding a job and you’ll be getting that answer. It will be your choice whether or not you accept the offer. It is an excellent offer. I would recommend that you accept it, but in the end, you have free will.


Whatever original plans you have for this month, you may have no choice but give them up because of a work-related issue. If you have a vacation lined up for this month I recommend that you drop it because this will be an excellent business opportunity for you. You may complain that this ruins your vacation, but you will have no resentment. This has been a job opportunity you have been waiting for a long time. There is someone that would like to get together with you for a date. You will have to cancel. Don’t worry, you will reschedule, so it will still happen. You should get a checkup before the end of the summer. You may have something you don’t know about.


Although you feel you are not getting enough work, the cards say there is so much other work you can do to compensate, so don’t complain. There will be someone from your past that will come to visit you. I’m not sure if it will happen this month, but it will be happening this year. It’s like that tune they sing at the movies, “sit back and relax and enjoy the show.” Watch it play out. I’m not sure what it means for all Virgos, but this will be one of your best birthdays ever. There will be someone that will be very good for your work. Whatever it is, it means more money.


After waiting for a long time for something to happen with your life, something does happen. It will be very good for you and will be happening as if your dreams come true. If you are going through any type of illness that you can’t see, your body and your natural defenses will nip it in the bud, and you will be fine. I am a strong believer that the body heals itself and can usually save our cells. We don’t give our natural immunity enough credit. There is someone that wants to visit you. Although you will have a good time with this person, they may overstay their welcome.


Because Pluto is retrograde until October 8th it will be affecting you more than other signs. You will be going through very slow but uncontrollable change. Because it is going slow, you might not notice you are changing, but you are. There is someone that you are very close with and have been looking forward to visiting, but now you can’t. Because you can’t go to them, they will come to you. It will still be a win-win situation. There is money that you invested a long time ago that you forgot about. Go back to your portfolio to see what it is because you can cash it in now, and it will be worth a lot of money. Whatever advice you are giving may not fully be understood. Whatever it is, it will still turn out the right way.


If you are planning to make a move in your life now would be a good time to make that move. Right now, you are not feeling the freedom you once felt where you live. It would be wise to make that kind of change in your life. There is an ex of yours that wants to communicate with you. I would recommend you take this opportunity. It will resolve some past issues that will help you continue your life better. If you take this opportunity with your ex, it will release something in you that you could have carried for the rest of your life, so it would be a good thing to do. If you don’t make that move, at least go to a vacation spot that you cherish. It will help you resolve any work issues that you have. The more clarity you have, the less stress you feel, and you can resolve challenges as they surface.


There is something of great value or an investment that you have that you don’t even know exists. I would recommend that you look around to see what it is. All that money is just sitting there doing nothing. Because of your honesty and integrity, everything seems to be going well on a professional level. You’ll be getting a job offer from your past, but you won’t quite know what to do with it. Nonetheless, you will be going through some job or career change that will be very good for you. Please don’t doubt yourself. You have mastered it, and you will be able to do it.


August will be a month that you feel goes very fast but with long-lasting results. It is one of those months where you don’t have to do too much to get what you want. Everything should be effortless for you, although you are not sure if this is everything that you want. New things will happen for you this month, and you will be ready for them. It will not take too much effort. Plus, you will have total control, and there is no catch. I wouldn’t sneeze at these cards!


Although the cards say you are with someone right now, you will be getting a flirtation from someone else.

Even though you may feel flattered, you will likely keep what you have. Of course, your partner doesn’t have to know about it. You can always use flattery wherever it comes from. On a career level, you are very hard to please, and the irony is that you do your job so well. The Universe is very nice to you, so if you want something new in your profession you will get it. One of the reasons why your luck is good is because you are being rewarded for past lives that you have had. Perhaps you were the Dali Lama or Mother Theresa in another life. That is why it is happening. So, if we ever meet, I’ll kiss your ring.


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