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The Prognosis for December 2022

Although you may hear in the news that the economy isn't doing well or that unemployment is high, don't believe everything you hear. It is not that bad. Also, in everything you hear about, try to use your intuition to see what you believe, or not. If you don't have any fear, your gut will always tell you the truth. The cards point out that there are some good people out there that are trying hard to help the people on this planet. Collectively, we often don’t see all the good out there, but it is happening. As you move into the New Year, things will accelerate faster and faster. Although you may not understand everything, as you venture through, things will be good (sun card), but there will be issues that you don't understand yet.

Light all around you!


(See your astrological sign below:)


I don't fully understand this, but somehow, you will develop a system where you will get an income without doing much work, and it will be ongoing. Someone you are close to (a spouse) will be going through some tough times but coming out on top in the ending. There is someone at work that you will have to be careful who has been deceptive. It is up to you what you will do when you find out. Also, there is a different person that you are close with who will be going through some health issues but should be fine.


Your significant other is not telling you the truth about an issue. Be thoughtful and patient. Let them express what is bothering them. The results should be positive. There is a reoccurring health issue that you have been having, so I suggest you do some research to help resolve the issue. You can be successful with it. There is a legal issue that you may have to take to court, but with some luck, it can be settled out of court if you do your homework right.


There has been a contractual agreement that you signed. For some reason, you don't want to honor it anymore. With your expertise in wheeling and dealing, you can get this to work for you. You may have to fib a little, but that's okay. You will have no choice but to pick a product to complete a project that must be finalized. If you are unhappy with the options but move forward with the new and improved product, you will be fine. There is not a lot you have to change in your life. Everything is flowed and balanced. For example, you do not need to buy the latest iPhone to help you get through your life. You are enough.


There is a work issue that you have been going through, and you wonder if you made the right decision. It just doesn't feel right for you. Give it some more time, and everything will go your way in the ending, even though you question if you made the right choice. There is a project that you are dealing with that will be very hard for you to do. I would recommend that you get someone else to help you finish it off. It is okay to have some humility to ask for help. Having said that, there will be someone new in your life at work and you will pay them a snippet of money to help you. This will be a good investment for you in the long run.


There is an issue that you have been avoiding with someone. The longer you wait to address it, the worse it will be. The sooner you resolve this issue, the better. At work, you will be getting the customer of your dreams or the offer of your dreams, and you can almost say that all your hard work will pay off. Lastly, you will be finding out something new about a nemesis of yours. You will confront them and deal with the issue. Whatever you say to them will work out.


You have been dealing with a physical ailment, but you can resolve the issue by going into your medicine cabinet and figuring out what you have been taking. It is as simple as that. I'm not sure when this is happening, but there will be someone who will want to live with you or propose marriage to you. They tell me the agreement will have a long duration period. The Universe tells me that you want to bring in something new or change something at the office. Right now, don't change anything. It will be more of a headache than a convenience. It could be as simple as you trying to upgrade to a computer system you have never used before, and it would be more of a headache than a blessing.


If you are in a relationship right now, you are going through a rocky period. If you want to keep this relationship going, it is going to take some work. A marriage counselor wouldn't hurt. In your workplace, you introduce a new idea to your superiors to help improve the company. The irony is that you are unsure if it will work, so you are taking a gamble. To your relief, it will work, and there is a good chance you will get promoted from the results. The cards say that it wouldn't hurt if you took some alone time to work on any problems you may have. Try to resolve them. Just remember, it always pays to be honest with yourself.


There is someone in your family that you have been having a problem with for years. They tell me the best solution is to not do anything about it, and through some miracle, everything will be forgiven. For this December, try to make the holidays quieter, more peaceful, and with less noise. You may take a chance by putting money into some investment. It could be an investment in the stock market or investing in offspring eitherway, it will be very successful.


There are going to be some changes happening in your relationship. It could be moving to a new house, moving in with each other for the first time, or even having a baby. Whatever you are doing right now, the less people know about it, the better. That would be the wise way to approach it. At least for the time being. On a work level, you may have to go through further education to keep your job. You may go through some bitching, but the training will be worthwhile. Lastly, someone you were once close to will be gifting you something. It's either that or you will be getting a small inheritance.


Whatever legal agreement you are signing with your current company, look over all the details. You may be entitled to money that you are not aware of, for example, severance pay. Read the fine print. If you decide to leave this company, it would be wise to take any information that you can with you. There is a chance that you may start something new. It would be wise not to make everything public right away. Give it some time, and everything with your new company will flow nicely. You will be making the right move.


Although you have a very open and giving heart, you still have trust issues to work through. Your trust issues with people is what is blocking your heart. After a long wait, you will be procuring a certain amount of money. It won't be a lot, but enough to put a smile on your face. You will be dealing with someone younger than you. At first, the person will have suspicions about you, and then they will start to respect you. For you to continue to progress with your spiritual growth in life, it would be wise to follow your own path. Do not take someone else’s methods. Then you will feel more comfortable with yourself. This month there will be certain endings and new beginnings for you. Whatever you feel makes you uncomfortable with your life will be ending.


For some time, you have been unhappy or disgruntled about a situation in your life. Someone close to you will help resolve this issue. It is like it is a Christmas gift for you. It could be anywhere like a new sofa or helping you out with a mortgage for a home. Whatever it is, it will resolve a lot of problems for you. Also, if you have been looking for a new job or a new place to live and nothing has opened, the doors should be opening sometime this month. Having said that, whatever gifts or offers come to you, they will bring new choices with these new blessings. You should be getting more than one unexpected new job offer. One will be remote, and the other will be communting to the office.


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