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Updated: May 1, 2022

The Prognosis for February

On a national level, I get the sun card from my tarot deck. Federally, things should be opening up and progressing so you can sit a little more comfortably. This means the vaccines as well as other things within the government, should be moving much smoother now. Although our country may feel weak, it will be getting stronger. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be responsible and safe. You still have to wear your masks and practice social distancing, to help prevent deaths. If you use your PPE, we will get through it. If you take these suggestions, more lives will be spared.

More of you will be looking for remote work or find other alternatives for the future. Realize, the pandemic was meant to happen. Although we can’t see the benefits, since they all feel negative, the needle in the haystack is so we would learn to be more intuitive, sensitive, and caring in our country.

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Light all around you!