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Updated: May 1, 2022

The Prognosis for February

On a national level, I get the sun card from my tarot deck. Federally, things should be opening up and progressing so you can sit a little more comfortably. This means the vaccines as well as other things within the government, should be moving much smoother now. Although our country may feel weak, it will be getting stronger. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be responsible and safe. You still have to wear your masks and practice social distancing, to help prevent deaths. If you use your PPE, we will get through it. If you take these suggestions, more lives will be spared.

More of you will be looking for remote work or find other alternatives for the future. Realize, the pandemic was meant to happen. Although we can’t see the benefits, since they all feel negative, the needle in the haystack is so we would learn to be more intuitive, sensitive, and caring in our country.

Please read your Astro Tarot sign below and share with your friends.

Light all around you!

This month will be all about work issues and legal issues, but everything will turn out for the better for you. It is not a bad change at all. It’s very good. It could be anything from a new job offer or a pay raise. Also, there is someone close to you that may appear healthy but is not. They won’t realize it until later this winter. Also, someone at work is keeping something quiet from you. It will eventually reveal itself, and in the ending, it will be up to you to decide what you do. As I mentioned earlier, you may be making some major changes in your workplace.


You may feel a little more vulnerable health-wise this month. You should be okay but be more careful than usual this month. On a good note, you will have an opportunity to move from one location to another if you want. If someone gives you an offer, consider taking it because it will be better than how you live right now. You might have a reconciliation or a connection with a past love of yours. Mentally, it will help you resolve your issues with each other, but nothing happens sexually. Although we are in the thick of winter, your work prospects will get better one month after the next, and then by summer, your career will be in a place where you will be very content.


Something that you did in your career in the past will come to fruition for you. That could mean a connection from sending out your resume, and the prospects will be very good for you. Because of this new offer, you may have no choice but to move to a different location which is just as good as if not better than where you are now. Any legal issues that need settling will be out of court and will work for you. Each problem that you feel will not go away will eventually go away.


For a little while, you have been waiting for a job offer. You can’t figure out why it hasn’t presented itself yet. It will. You will get a job offer that will make you feel content. Because of an agreement that you have made in the past, you will get a lot of money or a substantial reward coming up shortly. You will hear from a love interest from the past that you met through your work. The news may not be very favorable. This person will be reaching out to you to give you some form of a message. Someone may want to come to visit you from a faraway place. You may have mixed feelings.


Although you have made sacrifices with your work, you will get very positive results shortly. In your recent past, you made a good business connection that is like a partner. This partner will continue to help you grow. There is someone around you, a brother, a sister, or a close friend that may become ill. They should pull through. It would be wise that this month you stay in one place and do not travel a lot. Figure out how you can work from home this month if you do not already.


This month you will be getting a great job offer or some form of reward with your work that will be very good for you. For those of you who have had a long-standing relationship that did not work out, the door will be opening for it to work if you want to pursue it. There has been someone that you have not connected with for a long time. Through this person, you will be getting a substantial financial reward. A reward could also be considered an inheritance.


If you have been struggling and straining this winter, you will recover everything as the months get warmer. Even though you are in a profession that you are not crazy about, you will still get what you want in your line of work. If you are not happy with the company you work for, another opportunity will come along, but it makes you feel doubtful. You can still get it in the long run. You have already been dabbling in this profession, and that is how you discover the opportunity when you apply.


They say Scorpios have great intuition, so your intuition will be improving as we move further into the year. If you follow it and do not listen to others, you will get through everything without hitting any landmines. You have either a trusted partner or an angel that will help you get through anything you cannot see. I get the Sun card, and you will be crying tears of joy because the issues will be resolved. You can thank your intelligence, quick wit, and your great intuition for getting there.


There is a strong possibility that you will have a breakup that will be of your choosing because you will see red flags. Your philosophy is that you should quit while you are ahead. It will not be a waste of time because you have learned many things from this person. Come spring, you will be meeting a group of people that you can trust. They will help you move on to other things that you need to learn in life. This month you may decide to make a move from where you currently live. It will be necessary because significant doors will not open where you are.


There is someone that you are very close to that wants to come to visit you. You have your ambivalence of whether you want to see this person yet. You know what you say before you sign any legal documents that you better read everything first. Although you were supposed to have travel plans this month, it will have to take a backseat. It is nothing that you cannot reschedule later. You will be having a work issue where you are owed money from your employer. Make sure you get that financial compensation that you deserve.


Someone who loves you and adores you wants to change your life on a financial level and will be generously rewarding you. It could be a business connection that truly admires you and always wants to be there for you. Despite the pandemic, you will not have to worry about your career because your work will continue. You have found a way to work virtually, and it will continue. There will be a love interest that will be reaching out to you. Do you know that song by The Strawbs, So Close and Yet so Far Away? Well, because of the pandemic, the physical connection will not be happening yet. Have patience and wait it out, and you will eventually be connecting.


Because of your current career situation, you feel you are playing Russian roulette. Your luck is good, and you will get through it even though you are worried. Whatever you do for a living, your company or your employer will help you work virtually. Although you have ambitions that have halted, put them away in a box for the time being. When the sun comes out again, you will open that box. Please trust that because your dream will become a reality.



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