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New Moon in Sagittarius with Mercury Retrograde

On December 12, 2023, the New Moon will be in Sagittarius and square off against Neptune in Pisces. But also, Mercury will start to be in retrograde at the same time until January 1, 2024. As a reminder, you don't light any candles for the New or Full Moon when Mercury is retrograde because it will reverse what you're trying to create. But by all means, it's okay to meditate and burn sage to clear out any negativity during this time.

This New Moon is all about is going back to past wounded emotional injuries and working on them while releasing them so you can summon new feelings and create a whole new you. Meditate on new beginnings and bring in new realities for your life while cutting out the wounded. Your psychic ability is more enhanced based on the position of the planets so use it to your advantage. There will be lots of change in more than one way. It would be wise to do because the world in general will be changing, and changing in many beautiful new ways. For example, money will be changing. It would be great if you become part of the new things happening to this wonderful planet that we call Earth.

Below is my suggestions on ways to create your personalized ritual without burning any candles this month. Enjoy!

Happy New Moon. Light all around you!

Mano ;-)

New Moon


December 12, 2023




Meditate for peace, love and harmony. You can visualize brown light grounding you to the earth below. Then imagine blue light around you for clarity, green for the strength of heart, and purple to support your intuition. Meditate for ten minutes if you can and that will be enough to support you. Do not light candles since Mercury is retrograde.

MY Suggestions


Light Sage

Light some sage. It helps clear energy.



Meditate on sending peace and love to the collective or those in your life that need support.



Prayer always helps connect you.



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