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New Moon in Sagittarius with Total Solar Eclipse

The New Moon on December 14, 2020, will be in Sagittarius with a conjunction of a total solar eclipse. Joined with the planet Mercury, it is about communication and the thinking process and helpful in putting your great manifesto together.

Also joining in with the solar eclipse will be the planet Mars, which means you will have the confidence and energy to get things done. Thankfully, just in time for the holidays! Your intuitiveness will be in high gear, which can be helpful when setting new goals.

Unfortunately, Neptune will also be in the picture, which means you have to protect yourself against any deception and infection. Use your intuition to get through everything safely without issue.


December 13th, 14th and 15th

The strongest day is the 14th.




Blue, for communication.



Green, to keep an open heart.



Yellow, for protection.



Purple and lilac for your intuition and your psychic ability.


To keep anyone away whom you don't want around.


Have a beautiful, happy, and safe Holiday with LIGHT all around you!! :-* Mano

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