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New Moon in Taurus Brings Passion With First Solar Eclipse of 2022

It will be one humdinger of a New Moon (this time in Taurus) because it will also be a partial solar eclipse, with very positive links to Mars and Uranus. The actual metaphysical meaning for this combination helps initiate positive change with what your passion desires as well.

The alignment of Venus and Jupiter less than one hour before the Taurus solar eclipse is a wonderful omen for money and love. The Mars-Uranus connection also adds sensual love in a very free-flowing way. Because it will also align with the asteroid Eros means beyond the shadow of a doubt you will be conquering your most passionate desires. Plus because it is also a solar eclipse, the effects will last six months!! There are no negative alignments this time around.

Light all around you!

Mano ;-)


April 29, April 30, May 1
April 30 is the strongest day.




Blue, to keep the harmony flowing.



Yellow, to help make you shine.



Brown, for lots of money.


Purple and Lilac

Purple and lilac, for your psychic ability.



Green, for unbridled passion.



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