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Purging and Healing Aries New Moon à la Will Smith

This Aries New Moon will align with Mercury along with being conjunct the minor planet Chiron. It will also have Cetus the Whale acting a bit like Saturn, so this month will feel like everything is moving faster than it seems, and it will feel like everything is spinning.

This month concerns your pain: mental, emotional, and physical, both past and present. You will go through feelings of past remembrance of painful experiences and physical past pain. This is not to make you angry, upset, or fearful but to teach you lessons. These lessons are designed to make you more empathetic, kinder, stronger, and encourage endurance. The result is to feel free from your pains in life. Remember, your brain can help heal you on a physical level too.

Don't let your emotions get the best of you in a negative way. A great example of how easily this can happen is how Will Smith allowed his emotions to get the best of him at the Oscars when Chris Rock insulted his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. Will Smith reacted by punching Chris Rock in the face. There is a time and place for everything, and he could have used his emotions more appropriately in a positive way like in his speech. Will could have said something like, "There was no need to use one of your jokes at my wife's expense because she is ill." This would have made him look better in the public eye rather than using violence. Again, don't let your emotions get the best of you in a negative way.

This will also be a time when the media will expose more truths to the public which can also lead to change in a very positive way. But things can come to light on a personal level as well, where you can learn to forgive and love more and make things go in a positive direction for your life.

Light and Love all around you!

Mano ;-)


March 31 - April (1), 2
April 1 is the strongest day.




Blue, to help pull through difficult issues.



Brown, to help you stand strong against obstacles.


Purple and Lilac

Purple and lilac, to help you see beyond

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Green, to open up your heart.



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