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The Sky is Falling New Moon with Solar Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde

Well, if you see a chicken named Henny-penny running past saying, "The sky is falling, the sky is falling!" This time, she may be holding some merit to what she's saying!

Three things are happing all at once during this New Moon. Not only are we having a New Moon, but we're also having a Solar Eclipse topped off like a cherry on a milkshake with Mercury being in retrograde. I mean, who could ask for anything more! (Cue up George Gershwin)

This all starts in Aries, which is in Mars, and then the New Moon will begin to go into Taurus. It means we will be receiving unexpected news, good, bad, or indifferent. No matter how much we run, we can't escape from it. The good news is, since Mars is in the picture, who happens to be the God of War, we will have the courage to face it. Since Mercury is in retrograde at the same time, we will have the past life experience of how to go about dealing with it all. As we enter Taurus (not to mention the bull) which is ruled by Venus, our hearts will have the strength and courage to face any challenge, and we won't take any bull from anyone!

Just a reminder, since there is a Solar Eclipse in the picture, all this will be felt around-the-world even though the sight of the Solar Eclipse will be limited, and the ramifications will be felt for more than six months to almost a year. So, take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back for your strength and courage! ;-)

Light all around you!

;-) Mano



April 19, & (20)

April 20 is the strongest day.



Blue, to keep calm and for clear

thought and for harmony.



Green for strength of heart.



Brown, for grounding and money.


Purple or Lilac

Purple or Lilac, for our intuition and psychic ability.



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