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Touchy Feely Full Moon in Cancer with Mercury Retrograde

This Full Moon will be in Cancer for the last month of the year, plus nearing a touch of Jupiter in Taurus. As a reminder Mercury is in Retrograde to boot! This is a touchy feely Full Moon, but just right for the holidays. It will be one of feeling all your past issues coming to a head, what you experienced and learned from them and the decisions you made as a result. With Jupiter in the mix, it should also be a joyous time filled with emotion and some reward. Even some financial payoff! Because Mercury is retrograde, there may be some misunderstanding or deception in the mix, so use your intuition for more clarity. And remember, no lighting ritual candles until January 1, 2024

Below are my suggestions on ways to create your personalized ritual without burning any candles this month. I am also including a recorded meditation to guide and support you. Enjoy!

Happy Full Moon. Light all around you. Mano ;-)

Full Moon


December 26 & 27, 2023




Meditate for peace, love and harmony. You can visualize brown light grounding you to the earth below. Then imagine blue light around you for clarity, green for the strength of heart, and purple to support your intuition. Meditate for ten minutes if you can and that will be enough to support you. Do not light candles since Mercury is retrograde. Below is the guided meditation to support you in this practice.

MY Suggestions


Light Sage

Light some sage. It helps clear energy.



Meditate on sending peace and love to the collective or those in your life that need support.



Prayer always helps connect you.



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