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Unexpected Shock and Surprise Full Moon Candle Ritual

This will be the last Super Full Moon of the year. (It is considered a pink moon as well) This Full Moon will leave you feeling quirky, depressed, and irritable. You might even have emotional outbursts. Regardless, be responsive to sudden unexpected changes.

The reason is that this full moon in Aquarius is conjunct Saturn square Uranus which brings obstructive alterations and unexpected limitations. This can also cause worries, sadness, and delays. This full moon will be especially felt on fixed signs, like, Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio.

Remember patience is golden. With that, you will also see the rewards that it will bring. So with experience comes wisdom and a little bit of patience will go a long way. The moon and Saturn are in a good place, and we are also very lucky because the position of the tail of the sea goat is in Capricorn. The outcome will be happiness and success. You won’t feel like the world is against you anymore.

Light all around you!

Mano ;-)


August 10, (11), and 12
August 11 is the strongest day.




Blue, for calmness and harmony.



Brown, to feel grounded and to help with patience.


Purple and Lilac

Purple and lilac, to feel more

connected with the Universe.



Green, to keep your heart open.



White, for purity.



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