"I combine my intuitive insight and my ability to heal into all aspects of my work."


Part of my calling here on earth has been my work as a Psychic Consultant & Healer.  I realized I was psychic at a very young age and influenced by my Gia Gia (Greek for Grandmother) who was also extremely intuitive.   Since I was born hard of hearing I didn't have the inconvenience of trying to shut out all the background noise, and I have always been very content being in my own intuitive bubble.   



I created a fun way to incorporate astrology into a tarot spread.  I use my intuitive abilities along with astrology to discover what's in store for each sign every month.  I also do a synopsis for all signs combined. Be sure to check it out and share it with your friends. 


During the Full & New Moons, I share private rituals you can do to manifest love, money, success or whatever you desire! My New and Full Moon Candle Rituals have an astrological influence specific to your sign and how you might be affected during that timeframe.    



The Candle Color Guide to help you  figure out what color to  burn each Candle Ritual to help you manifest the life you desire.  Be sure to check it out and share it with your friends. 


A link to this step by step guide through the Candle Ritual is included in every New Moon and Full Moon Blog post. Be sure to check back every New Moon and Full Moon for specific details on how the planets are influencing you and how you manifest each month.  

Connect with Mano:

1275 North Sweetzer Suite 214

West Hollywood, CA 90069

Mobile:  323-273-7411


© 2018 by Mano Matthews. 


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