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Part of my calling here on earth has been my work as a Psychic Consultant and Healer.  Realizing I was psychic at a very young age didn't come as much of a surprise to me or my family since both of my Grandmothers were also very psychic. 


I really wanted to take my ability to the next level so I studied and later graduated from the Swedish institute of massage and Allied Science in New York City where I mastered a number of healing techniques.  

From tarot readings, psychic readings, palmistry, Reiki, therapeutic massage, to my innate skill as a clairvoyant, I'm well rounded in all aspects of healing:  physical, mental and spiritual.  I enjoy combing my intuitive insight and my ability to heal into all aspects of my work! 


Regardless of what service you choose, my goal is to leave you uplifted, rejuvenated and inspired to move forward in your life! 

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