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We are more than just our physical bodies.  We also have an energetic body that consists of our aura, our chakras and energetic pathways called meridians.  These all need to be nurtured and tended to.  Since the mind body connection is never as vital as during the healing process, Mano shares his intuitive insight that arises during treatment providing a unique opportunity to explore deeper questions.

Healing Session

  • Mano is trained in all areas of massage from Swedish, reflexology, deep tissue, sports  massage, shiatsu, Golden  Chi and Reiki.  In today's high stressed world, massage should be part of our weekly routine.  Most of us don't carve out the time even though studies show that it helps us live longer healthier lives.  Because of this, a lot of clients opt for a distance Reiki healing instead of conventional methods.  Since the mind body connection is never as vital as during the healing process, Mano shares his intuitive insight that arises during treatment providing a unique opportunity to explore deeper questions. 

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