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  • Mano Matthews


Do Not Sign New Contracts Until April 5th!!

Just a reminder that Mercury will be in Retrograde until April 15th, so you should not start any new projects, buy anything new or mechanical, and above all do not sign any new contracts until April 16th. This will be a month that people will be rushing to do things without thinking and getting the results that they want. While that sounds great, it can also lead to things falling apart. What I recommend is take a deep breath, see what is there first (be present) and then execute, so you can avoid any accidents.

On a national level, this may be a month where the government may not be able to balance the budget or the stock market may go down even further than it is. That is not to say that the situations can’t be resolved and they will, but the results will be felt for at least a few months until it gets back on track again. On a personal level, I could make suggestions on what you might do, but unfortunately I can’t tell Wall Street what to do.



Aries, it is around your birthday so you’re now in your sun period for the first 52 days. This means anything you put into action should play out for the rest of the year. Also remember that Mercury is in retrograde until April 15th so wait to start anything new till after that date. Having said that, this will be a month where you do actually start new projects for yourself. At the beginning they will be hard to start, but once you get through the tough part, everything will be smooth sailing. If you were confused about an issue, you'll now get clarity about the situation.



This will be a month of fluctuations for most since Mercury is in retrograde until April 15th. One of the reasons is because your sign feels the effects of this more than other signs do. Because of that, anything you try to accomplish until after April 15th, will feel like a Tour de Force. The good news is that all projects that you started to cultivate before March 22 you will have an easier time with. Surprisingly, by the last two weeks of April you'll be able to breathe better, because miraculously everything falls into place for you.



For some of you who are not too spiritually connected, the Universe is still working for you although you may not feel it. What this means is anything you feel that is not moving for you, it will still happen, so try to be patient and don't waste your energy. The reason you should be patient is because the planets have not moved for the doors to open yet. When this happens, which should be soon, you'll achieve what you want as far as business or love is concerned.



For a while now, you've felt part of your life has been on hold and has been stagnant. Be prepared as things start to move very fast for you. As this happens, you'll feel too much is on your plate and you'll have no choice but to put some issues on the back burner for a while. For those of you that do meditate regularly, you will have an easier time in the quick transitions you will be going through this month.



This will be a month of unavoidable business issues and decision making. There will be a part of you that wants to escape to never-never Land, but you can't. Build up some courage and grow some hair on your chest in the process. You’re making these issues bigger than you think they are. Just take out what doesn't work for you anymore, and put in what will.



This will be a month you might lose some monies (misplaced or otherwise) because of your blatant innocence. You just have too much on your mind. This will also be a month that you will feel unusually tired. Don’t fight it. If your body wants to sleep let it sleep. It means your body needs more nourishment and when you sleep it helps heal the body more. The whole irony is that you’re going to be busier more than ever with your work. It will lead to more opportunities to make more money, so you will need more than 8 hours of sleep a night. You need to rest in order to do all the work you need to accomplish.



Because Mercury is Retrograde for half the month, it would be wise to mediate on a regular basis to make sure there are not any blocks for what you are trying to accomplish this month. Although it may take a little bit longer to do, at least the blocks will not be there in the way of your goals. Also, if you are planning a trip with someone this month I would advise against it. If you go, by the end of the trip you will no longer be talking because of misunderstandings. This will also be a month where you will have big differences with someone you love very much. If you are meditating you should get through it with more ease and grace.



This will be a month of a lot of unexpected cancellations for activities and appointments that you have planned. It is going to drive you crazy, but in actuality these cancellations will save you a lot of unnecessary wear and tear. You’ll be forced to reschedule and in so doing you’ll get better results and be more prepared to handle whatever situations arise. In the meantime, take advantage of the free time you have whatever unfinished work that you have – it is now a good time to complete it.



There is a very good chance that you’ll have an opportunity to meet someone new. This connection business or personal will be a very successful relationship in more than one way. I am a strong believer in positive energy and sometimes even if you meet someone on a personal level, they can touch you and bring in new positive results for you. In other words consider them a good luck charm for you. You may have no choice but to have a meeting with an Ex of sorts. Don’t be afraid. The results will be very good and uplifting. Also, there is a good chance that you will receive something of value or money that comes your way. The only drawback or sad thing is that it might be from someone who has passed away.



This will be a month where you will be getting visited by more than one friend from your past like a revolving door. Some of the visits may exhaust you and some of them will be very uplifting. One of the visits will be someone that has had a crush on you for a very long time. For the first time this will be exposed. You may very well be an emotional eye opener, but you will feel stronger about the person shedding light on your mutual friendship.



​Someone will be giving you lots of money, but for some reason there is ambivalence in you how you get the money (although you feel on another level, it is rightly deserved). Get rid of the guilt and just say, “thank you.” This is a month where you feel you can breathe better. You are not walking a tight rope anymore, so play a little and don’t worry so much about work. Because of all the business connections you have been making, you will start to see the results. The only drawback is you will likely be working more than expected, so make sure to look at the work that you enjoy as a passion and not a burden.



This will be a month where all the odds will be in your favor. Whatever new venture that you’ve decided to go into or even a change of profession, you will realize that you’ve done the right thing. Your gamble will pay off. Just when you feel you have given up on love and marriage, someone will show up and say, “let’s give it a try.” Sometimes the best results we get in a romance are the ones that we don’t put too much thought in at the beginning. Then it turns out exactly as you have dreamed it into reality. Whoever this person is will realize you are worth fighting for and even relocation worthy (regardless of what part of the world they are coming from).

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