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  • Mano Matthews

Full Moon In Scorpio April 29th, 2018

This Full Moon is in Scorpio, but is also affected by Saturn. What this means is that whatever you want to accomplish with your goals in life can now be quite successful. This is a result of the astrological affects in January that helped prepare us for the upcoming events in our lives. So, as things unfold, please don't think your accomplishments happened out of nothing (although, it may feel that way).

This will also be a time when family and close friends may need your help emotionally and otherwise. You will have the innate ability to understand people around you better, as if your reading their minds. In other words you'll learn exactly what the people around you feel about you and whatever situation that your in, to either help strengthen or even to respect opposite views.

While it's a challenging time for single mothers who both work and care for their children; they will prove to the world and themselves that they can do it all. This also includes single fathers who struggle to balance both roles as a mother figure as well as being the father and where the mother's presence is a void.

"Light all around you!" ;-)

​ Mano


  • April 28TH, 29TH and 30TH

  • The Strongest Day is the 29TH



Light a Blue Candle

Blue, for clear thought and to keep calm under any pressure.


Light a Brown Candle

Brown, for stability and grounding.


Light a Green Candle

Green, to keep your Heart Chakra open beaming with much light.

"Light all around you!"


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