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At the beginning of the month the energy should be very strong and positive within our relationships and it would be nice if we can carry that with us throughout the month.

At the beginning of the month the energy should be very strong and positive within our relationships and it would be nice if we can carry that with us throughout the month. In other words, we should start this month on a high note with having our expectations felt as far as getting exactly what we want with our aspirations or dreams within our chosen careers.

On a world level, you could expect a certain amount of losses in the stock market. That doesn’t mean you should pull out, but to be patient and see what happens. Chances are things will be okay.

On an economic level, you will be seeing a lot of ups and downs during the summer for business.

On the positive side, certain things in the government will be exposed that were not expected to be seen. The public will have a mixed reaction with this new knowledge on the political stage. There will be certain losses on a professional level, but only for those who have had political positions in their lives. Expect certain heads to roll from now until September. Overall, it will help certain elements of our government have new, successful and substantial beginnings.

Check out your sign below and let me know how it plays out for you this month!





This will be the type of month that you’ll be doing things for yourself and at the same time you will be including others around you, but you’ll be able to balance both. You’ll be making new additions into your life and being strong enough to accept them. You may take some time off even though you are a true workaholic. Even when you’re on vacation you don’t know how to relax. You are going to be transitioning into a new way of life for yourself. Be kind to yourself because you’ll go through a process from A to Z and while some transition decisions will be apparent, some won’t. The changes you make should shed ten years off your age so you’ll look like you got a facelift.



This will be a month where certain things on a professional level have ended. If you’re looking for a new job you’ll pretty much get what you want. You are not usually comfortable with change so just accept the transformation and whatever new accomplishments that will be an addition to your career. The change will fit like a glove even if it is different. The cards say it would be recommended that you don’t tell everyone in your life about the new additions you have brought to your profession.



Someone will be giving you an offer. Remember the old adage, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” so don’t accept it. This seems like a month where too many people will be asking you for favors. You could always use simple logic (don’t pick up the phone) if you don’t want to respond to them. Also, someone will want to use your expertise. In this situation don’t sell yourself short. It feels like “your knowledge and expertise” is worth its price in gold.



June will be (or feel like) a very spiritual month for you. Whether it is simple meditation, going to church, or following your beliefs, that connection will be very beneficial for you on a spiritual level and help provide answers for your future. You keep worrying about health issues you once had. You don’t have to worry about it. Leave it alone. Just remember, worry backed with feeling can make you ill and it doesn’t make or keep you healthy. You will be contributing something very valuable in your current career that only time and experience gives you. This will help you prove your value to yourself and to your colleagues and will also make you more successful than you already are. Once everything is said and done you can give yourself a small rest (if that is ever part of your vocabulary).



It is recommended not to travel too much this month. It will take a negative effect on your health in a negative way. Of course, if you do travel a lot it is wise to put an antibiotic cream in your nostril area along the rim of your nose. Also, whatever investments you’ve made, they will not go up or down but stay the same. It is recommended that you don’t take any money out of the market now. It will eventually go up, but even then don’t touch it.



Right now you kind of feel discouraged with the kind of profession you are in and it’s getting you down. What will be happening is you will be making major changes in your professional life which will be very good for you. Don’t be afraid to make the changes because they will be wonderful. It could also mean that the way you do work will be changing for you. The cards say you will find a system where you may be able to work and almost play at the same time. Whatever this new method is, in the long run, it will help you retire sooner rather than later if you want.



At work, you may be forced to train a new colleague and while at first, you won’t like it, as time goes by you will realize you’ll be making a new friend. It will be a blessing in disguise. If your intuition tells you not to travel someplace this month, don’t go. Chances are your intuition will be right. Whatever projects you are trying to complete, take your time and do each one individually instead. This way you won’t make any mistakes or have any regrets although it may take a little longer.



You have been having a great sense of worry about certain decisions you’ve made about projects you are working on. Just realize all the decisions you’ve made you’ve had to make quickly. Everything you’ve done will have great durability and long-lasting effects. Last but not least, although you feel you’ve spent a lot of money in certain investments and projects, in the ending they will all pay off.



First and foremost you will have a business or work obligation this month. You don’t want to do it and you won’t like it when you do it. The irony is it will pay off in a big way (later on) despite your feelings of resentment. The majority of Sagittarians will be making certain architectural changes in life. Whether that is literal or figurative this is something that will hit you on a personal level. Although you feel wisdom and knowledge is paramount, you also use your intuition to get things done. Even though you don’t take your intuition as seriously in your life, it’s time for you to take it seriously!



This will be a month where some of your utility bills (like gas and electric) will have some deception within them. Before you pay any of your bills, be sure to review everything thoroughly. You’ll have to make some decisions this month so try to breathe into them so you can make the right decisions and feel you are in control. Overall June will be a very rewarding month for you in both the romance department and the work department.



Although Mercury is not in retrograde right now, this will be a time where you will be meeting people from your past. It will feel like you are constantly running into them one week after the next! This will be a very good work month for you coupled with making lots and of lots of money (commissions or a raise). Also, you may be traveling more this summer than you’d expect. Make sure you have all your ducks in a row in case you have to take some unexpected trips. As a warning, one of your old friends will be asking a favor of you. I’d recommend that you don’t do the favor, but you’ll realize who this person is when you see them.



This will be a month where you will be sharing certain intimacies with certain people in your life. They will be very rich and intense experiences no matter how small or grand the situation may be. Sometimes just taking a nice walk in the park with a good friend could be the most cherished experience you can have in life. Someone close to you will want to treat you to a holiday. I’d recommend that you say yes. Also, you’ll have an opportunity to have a new living situation coming up. Again, I’d recommend that you do it.

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