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Howl at the Full Wolf Moon in Cancer - No Candle Ritual Since Mercury will be in Retrograde

The first Full Moon this year, on January 17th, is called the Wolf Moon. This time around it will be in the sign of Cancer, which means your emotions will be high with a lot of self-reflection. Focus on self-improvement and resolving issues that arise to the best of your ability. It will be a time in your life when your intuition will be much sharper and will pick up on other people's emotions and thoughts around you. (Especially your relatives and the people you're very close with.) So, whatever issues you may be going through with them, this will be a good time to take advantage and make it better. Plus, if anyone you love feels stuck, this is a wonderful time to help them out because your sensitivity will help you with the right words to say to them. This is especially good because Mercury will be going into retrograde from January 14th, until February 3rd, and Mercury in Retrograde can cause confusion in communication and misunderstanding. So, having the sign of Cancer in this Full Moon will help you leaps and bounds!

Light all around you and keep strong! Mano ;-)

Full Wolf Moon

  • January 17, 2022


Meditate for peace, love and harmony. You can visualize brown light grounding you to the earth below. Then imagine blue light around you for clarity, green for the strength of heart, and purple to support your intuition. Meditate for ten minutes if you can and that will be enough to support you. Do not light candles since Mercury is in retrograde. If you want to follow a Full Moon Ritual see my suggestions below.

MY Suggestions


Light Sage

Light some sage. It helps clear energy and aggression.



Meditate on sending peace and love to the collective or those in your life that need support.



Prayer always helps connect you.



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