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  • Mano Matthews


This will be a month of many twists and turns. They will be felt with exhaustion and high emotions, but in the ending everything should be balanced. Whether it has to do with the stock market or the government, political negotiations will run high. While negotiations on a political level will be difficult to get through, they will also be resolved quickly. Anything in government that has not yet been exposed will start to be exposed this month. No matter how we look at it, there is an abundance of information that we won’t know what to do with yet. It may come with a lot of headaches, but the knowledge will be its own remedy.



​Aries this will be a year of lots of change for you; mostly good and positive change. Don’t have any fear or self-doubt as you go through it. Don’t jump to conclusions. See what’s there. Anything you don’t understand or misinterpret, do research on before you do anything. For the most part it should be a good year of change. If you follow the change you will go through it fast instead of dragging it out. The transformation should make you feel more secure and stronger.



​To avoid any arguments with someone you are close with, try to make sure you don’t have any misinterpretations. You may be vying for a new job you feel is perfect for you. Be sure that when you send your resume it is as thorough as it can be (if you really want this job). Otherwise, the chances are 50/50 because your resume isn’t as complete as it could be. An older person, like a parent, may need your help more than usual. My advice is to make sure you have a proper connection with them. Pick up the phone if they call.



This should be a month for you to throw away anything that doesn’t work for you anymore, and be more updated. If you don’t update, in the long run you might regret it. This would be a month for most Gemini's to watch your health. In fact his will be your most sensitive month for your health all year. The whole irony is that if you do get sick it has a silver lining, in fact, stay home don’t go to work and you might even avoid an argument. It goes with my philosophy there really are no accidents.



​Whatever new developments or new ideas you have done with your profession, it will be a very long lasting and positive impression with your superiors and they will also implement your suggestions. For example, if you show them how to do something better they will make it part of company policy. Right now, for the most part, you may go through some trust issues with your life. Chances are your intuition is accurate. Using your intuition for things you don’t trust will save you money. Those of you that feel you want to be looking for a new job, this month should be a good time for it. You will get almost exactly what you want.



​You may be having business dealings with someone you are close to like a brother or a spouse. Just realize it can cause more headaches and sparks than usual. But when you get through it in the ending everything will work out just fine. This will be a good month to do a lot of mediation, and for those who don’t, I recommend you do, because on an astrological level you may be getting depressed for no reason and you need something to anchor you. So mediate! Any obligations that you have will go very fast for you!



This will be a year of a lot of obstacles and breaking through all those obstacles. It is as if you are being your own best therapist. This will also be a year with whatever you do with you work you will be more recognized than before. Also whatever minor squabbles you have with your work, don’t make a mountain out of a molehill and everything will be just fine.



​I would hope that if you own a home that you have good home owners insurance and if you are covered you should be okay. You will also be approached by someone with a good stock tip or talk you into doing something on a business level. Don’t walk, run away! There is someone that you had a falling out with that you were close with. This is not the best time to hand over an olive branch. Wait four or five months and things should start opening up.



Someone close to you has been going through a very negative experience in their life, but they don’t want to tell you. They will start to open up with you now that things are resolved. You feel slighted about it at first only because you feel you couldn’t come to the rescue. Both of you will kiss and make up. With all the hard work you have been doing this month you will see the progress of it by the time the summer comes.



​If you have gone through a divorce or a separation recently, it was the best thing you could do. Both of you were so different that neither of you felt you could trust each other anymore. I know it’s sad. This will be a month where you really have to be alone within yourself, because this will be a year of great transformation for you. Like a caterpillar that goes in to a cocoon, you should be turning into a butterfly. Although you feel it may be too soon to meet someone new, it will happen anyway. But it will be more of a friendship before it blossoms into a love relationship. I would say that only comes from experience.



This will be a month that you will start to do new and inventive things in your life. Even though it goes against your grain it will be good for you and make your life a lot easier. Anybody that you have had a hard time communicating with, all you hard work will pay off and you will be as good as gold again. Last but not least, there is someone that you haven’t heard from in a long time that you will be in contact with. Anything that you feel that has been a mystery to you about this friend will become clear. Just be aware that it wasn’t anything intentional of keeping things quiet.


​Whatever struggles you have been having should eventually all be resolved. There will be two close people that you know of that will be getting into a huge argument. My advice is not to get in the middle as much as you can. You will eventually be coming into a lot of money toward the end of the year, but all the mechanisms will start to line up. You may not be in very good health this month, so I would suggest you lay low and get more rest than usual.



​You built up quite a reputation in your profession. Because of that, you will be getting more job offers. It’s really up to you if you want to switch jobs right now. One of the job offers I would suggest you take because it will be an executive position. If you play your cards right, you can accelerate to the top very fast in your life. While this is all happening your love life will take an unexpected turn for the better.

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