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  • Mano Matthews

New Moon in Aries March 2018

The New Moon in March is on the 17th, and will have the feeling that it will be lasting for four weeks. (Normally we feel the effects for about two weeks.) The first two weeks are the most important if you want to start something new or get new projects off the ground. The New Moon is in Aries, but the moon will be in Void of Course when this happens. When the Moon is in Void of Course things go slower, so the good thing about it this month is whatever process you’re going through, you could actually take your time. The negative aspect of it is that you shouldn't rush anything, so you don't have any accidents. This New Moon is basically all about crisis, whether it's from an old problem or a new problem. What this means is that you need to find a new solution or solutions to the problem. It could be personal or professional or even physical. So regardless, please try to be calm and try to meditate in any way that works for you. In other words, if you feel meditation is washing the dishes to find a new solution to your problem, then do it!!!​Usually when I have a so called crisis, I call out to the Universe or God and I say,The Universe is in divine order!(3 times) and then I say:Thank you!(3 times) as well. ​It helps big time and also, I meditate every day. Just realize being in a crisis mold is also here for your learning. Please be conscious of that. You never know with what you learn will also help you again in future events in your life!!!Candles you should light at this time:Please have a wonderful calming New Moon, and thank you!!!

Light all around you! ;-) ​​ Mano


  • March 16TH, 17TH and 18TH

  • The Strongest Day is March 18TH



Purple or lilac, to use the our psychic ability in the best possible way.


Blue, for clear thought and direct calmness in thought.


Brown, for grounding.


Yellow, for protection to prevent accidents.

"Light all around you!"


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