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  • Mano Matthews


This full moon will be in Capricorn conjunct Saturn.

Although the New Moon is in Cancer you will also feel very strong effects of Capricorn and Virgo with a touch of Venus and Neptune in the mix as well. Since all of this is happening during a Solar Eclipse, you will feel the influence of it for the next six months. Plus, the New Moon will be even closer to the earth than usual, so it will have a more nurturing, spiritual healing effect on you.

From a “world perspective” what this means is our world leaders should feel more compassion for the poor, the needy and the uneducated. They should come up with ways to help them and to protect them in their vulnerability. This also goes for the environment as well. The only drawback is people like Trump or Prime Minister May of England will only want to see it for their own country and not worldwide. It is the responsibility of other world leaders to help make them see it from a higher perspective and to highlight how we are all in this together. We have to learn to love all and not separate. This New Moon exposes the ego, so we must smash it down and show humility. We have an opportunity for greater spiritual insight and an obligation to create unity.

On a “personal level” what this means is to start at home. Begin by feeling more compassion for yourself and others. Show that compassion by helping family members or friends with what they may need. Also, show more love, understanding and dignity, and resolve any troubled issues that need healing. As you change, your relationships with people will change. Some new and miraculous people will be coming into your life and the negative people will leave your life.

With both Capricorn and Virgo in the mix, it will help you with your organizational skills. You will have the insight and guidance to prepare and plan and set yourself up to complete your goals. It may come with a little bit of work on your part, but it will be worth it in the ending. And with Venus and Virgo in the mix, whatever you set your mind to do; you will do it with a passion within the depths of your soul. This will also help you say what you need to say how you want to say it. Plus, you will be downloading information from the other side to help with what needs to be accomplished to help you create your masterpieces:-)

If you haven’t been in a love relationship for a very long time (or for most of your life), this is now an excellent opportunity to have one. Please don't be scared. Have the courage to pursue one. Remember, it's never too late. Age is just a number, so don't be afraid!

Remember when lighting your candles always call in your favorite Archangels, Saints or loved ones from the other side to help guide you.


  • July 11th, (12th) and 13th

  • The Strongest Day is the 12TH



Light a Blue Candle

Blue, to see complicated things very clearly and simply.


Light a Brown Candle

Brown, for grounding and money.


Light a Green Candle

Green, for passion and love


Light a Yellow Candle

Yellow, to help protect.


Light a Red Candle

Red, for creativity, discovery and inventions.

Purple or Lilac

Light a Purple or Lilac Candle

Purple or Lilac, for psychic ability and know how.


Light a White Candle

White, for purity of heart

"Happy New Moon! Light all

around you! ;-)"


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