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  • Mano Matthews


This full moon will be in Capricorn conjunct Saturn.

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse will begin on August 11th and the moon will be Void of Course at the same time. Since Mercury is Retrograde please do not light any candles until August 19th. Since we had a Solar Eclipse on July 10th and a Lunar Eclipse on July 28th, each one will have an effect on the other because they're all so close together. All the effects from all these eclipses will be felt until January 5th when we will have another that day.

First and foremost, this will have a very strong father/daughter interaction. Meaning feminism with male authority and how men have treated women through the decades not to mention the past hundreds of years. So this will be a very monumental time for women's rights and how women are treated in our culture.

A lot of truths will be shown in government and in the business world as well, as more and more deception is discovered. This will be a time when we will reconsider how to run the economy as a whole. This will also be a time when we will also see more of the earth fighting man's injustices to the world. Just remember, when push comes to shove, the Earth has little tolerance for humans for its own survival. So let's treat this world with great love and respect.

In short, these Eclipse's will be about thinking, contemplation, deliberation, discussion, and debate. It will be a time of disagreements and arguments about ideas and beliefs. It's a time about power and control issues between people, groups of people and world nations.

Having said all that, it will also be a wonderful time to put all new possibilities and ideas on the table for new plans. It's a great opportunity to be inventive to make new and much-needed progress. To question why the old ones don't work anymore and be wide open to make these changes happen.

As usual, this is a time to make a fresh new start for one's goals. If you have a great mind or intuition in knowing what those new goals may be, that's great! It would be perfect timing to write them down as well. Just remember, if this was a regular New Moon it would only last for four weeks, but since this is also a Solar Eclipse, it will span to six months.

This should prove an interesting ride, both personal and worldwide.


  • Do not light candles until after August 19th. Mercury is Retrograde and that makes everything reverse.


  • No Picks. Do not light candles until after August 19th. Mercury is Retrograde and that makes everything reverse.

"Happy New Moon! Light all around you! ;-)"


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