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For better or for worse, there will be a lot of change in our nation. Whatever your political views be sure to vote!

Mercury will be in retrograde on November 16th so things will be postponed. Avoid starting anything new until Mercury goes direct December 6th. Unfortunately, if you try anything new it will be completely exhausting to you.

Also, Venus will be retrograde until November 16th as well, so in terms of your love interest or even things like decorating, redoing things - postpone these things until after the 16th. This will be a month to take a break and only handle things already in motion because it will make life a lot easier for you. As you get closer to the ending of the month new opportunities will come into your life. Don't do anything with it until after December 6th.

For better or for worse, there will be a lot of change in our nation. Whatever your political views be sure to vote!

Whatever your plans this month, I would suggest you take your time to do them. This way you won't make mistakes. Above all, whatever agreements or dealings that you are doing on a business level make the agreement, BUT don't sign anything until after December 6th!





This will be a month where you will have to make career choices. Something tells me you already know the decisions you want to make. The only drawback with this is if you leave your current position, your company is going to put up a fight which will give you a small headache. In the long run, you are making the right decision to leave your old place of business. If you do this, you may have to stay until they find your replacement. On a good note, your new work will feel like a walk in the park and you’ll make lots of money! There will be someone of great influence and power that will come into your life. It doesn’t mention what this connection will do for you, but trust it in its own weird, strange, quirky way.



This month is all about diplomacy in the workplace. As much as you don't like it you'll handle yourself through it very successfully. Meaning you'll likely have to kiss some ass along the way, but to get to where you want to go it will be worth it. There is a very good chance that a relative of yours will be in poor health. Just be there to help them go through whatever consequences they need to. The relative is an elder and they will pull through.



Most likely there will be an old flame trying to reconnect with you. You will have your ambivalence if you want to reconnect. If you do meet, it will be short but sweet. You still have some karma with this ex that has not yet matured. There is a sibling of yours that will be needing your help. You may find it irritating but it will go fast and your help will be much appreciated. Last but not least you will be having some work obligations but for your convenience, you can do everything online.



You may be getting a very unusual request that has to do with your past. It may be work-related and the work may be on the unusual side. Everything will be going through a process with this so trust it and don't be discouraged. There are things that you are doing right now that you are not aware of that will help you tremendously come spring/summer which will make things much easier for you. Although you do not see it yet. To your delight and surprise, you will be coming into lots and lots and lots of money. If you have any complaints about this call me! There may be some difficulty in procuring the money, but you'll get it. Also on a good note, there might be a power struggle at work but you end up on top.



You're currently not happy with your work situation in the present. There will be things you have to go through that you should keep on the quiet side. Meaning, the less they know the better. Once you do the quiet part of your job the crisis will pass and everyone will think nothing negative has happened. Also, there will be a business colleague that will eventually be leaving which will make your workload a lot easier (to your surprise). When one old colleague leaves another will come in and set a lighter tone for you and the rest of the company.



Whatever financial struggles you have been having will soon be ending. You've discovered a system where your work will flow easier for you. This may sound unusual, but whatever you're doing with your work will make you more popular on more of a national or international level. On another note, there is someone you have tried to connect with on a romantic level. As much as you want this to happen you are not ready now. This is a good thing and when it does happen you will be relieved. Again, right now there is no room for romance. so the postponement is a good thing. There is someone you can't trust anymore and chances are this relationship will be ending.



There is an ex that will want to come into your life again, but since it's an ex you can actually have a good time. With that said whatever you do don't trust them! There is also someone else that you want to meet that might be postponed, but the postponement will work to your advantage. There will be someone in the workplace that is younger than you vying for your position. It may cause some stress, but you don't have to worry. Some advice I can give you is to keep your friends close and your enemies closer.



Although I don't like to give this advice to people this is not a very good time to travel anywhere, so just stay put in your own town. There may be things that you might miss if you don't stay local. This will be a month where a sibling of yours will need your help and guidance. It may be crucial, so when they reach out to you pick up the phone even if your busy. Always remember even when you think you're vacationing, you're never vacationing. Your first nature is to always be working whether you are doing it voluntarily or making money.



On a happy note whatever investments you've made you'll be pulling in a very good profit. Try to postpone receiving this bulk of cash until next year. One of the reasons is because either an ex of yours or for tax purposes someone may also be entitled to the money now. It is better to postpone the profits. Those of you who are entrepreneurs, business might be slow for a while. This will be to your advantage because whatever new ideas you get for your business, you'll have the time to integrate them into your work.



Whatever old job you've had in the past likely will be contacting you because they need your expertise again. It's up to you if you accept this offer. If you do, it would be advisable (for your best interest) that your current employer does not know about it. One of the reasons is because your old company may just need your assistance temporarily. On a romantic level, you will now be meeting someone new who wants to pursue a relationship. I encourage you wholeheartedly to delve into this relationship. You'll have no regrets.



You will eventually be meeting someone very unexpectedly. There is some mystery with this person. Whatever mystery comes with this person just accept it, because you will be having this relationship for a very long time. You will be getting an unusual offer that has to do with business and pleasure and although you are hesitant about it, accept it. In the ending, you'll really love it. There will be someone new coming into your life that will make your life a lot easier than it is now on more than one level. This person will feel like a gift to you. You will be traveling this month, but since it is around Thanksgiving realize there might be tension in your travels. All the tension will be worth it once you reach your destination.



If you recently got a new job, you made the right decision. Right now, although it may pay less, you will eventually be making more. There will be new things that you have to learn, but it's nothing you can't handle. There is also a chance you'll be making a report to the better business bureau about your last job. This will be a good month to update any legal contracts you may have so you can stay on top of things. If you do this it will make your work a lot easier. This is going to be a very popular month for you with some of your ex's. If you have someone new in your life, I'd suggest that you avoid any calls from an ex!


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