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  • Mano Matthews


For better or for worse, there will be a lot of change in our nation. Whatever your political views be sure to vote!

I hope what I am going to say on a national level is not true, but here goes:

There will be a higher percentage of unemployment in the New Year, so try to make a little nest egg. There may be a financial hike of sorts which may make life a little harder. Although the outlook seems depressing, the woes will be short lived. Hold on, and be patient, and whatever crisis the government is going through will be ending. The crisis will be felt no matter where you live. Everyone will go through a tailspin for a short time.

Unbeknownst to us, things will start materializing. The government and the economy will turn healthier, but it will take a period of recuperation to get us back on our feet. The old power will be leaving and the new power will have the control necessary to get our government strong again. Please meditate during this time so we can create a higher form of positive collective to help guide the government through the crisis they are going through. By March/April our economy and our government will start to balance again.





In January you will have no choice but to recheck your work to make sure it's complete. This will be a very fast month for you. It will go so fast even if you caught a cold you wouldn't realize that you caught one. Plus, a lot of new things will be happening to you as well. Also, expect an unexpected visitor that you have not seen for a long time. It will happen at an inconvenient time. Try to mediate as much as possible. That will keep you centered so you can remember everything you need to get done without missing something.



Although you feel you have financial issues, this month that will be clearing up. Whatever you feel about things not working out in your life, things will shift and work out as you like. In your workplace, there is a good chance of a promotion or a new job. You will be happy with the changes. 2019 should be a very good year for you to get what you want in your life. Come spring, you can finally relax and not feel rushed.



For quite a few months now you have been trying to process a new way of doing your work. Finally, all the new amenities that you deserve with your career will start falling into place this month. You will also have an obligation to travel. This expedition will be very good for you although you don't want to leave the comfort of your own bedroom. If you work independently, you will be signing a very good business contract that will work well for you and the new partnership that goes with it. This new partnership will make your workload a lot lighter so you'll have time to pursue other interests.



This month you'll have more than one option with what to do with your career. No matter what you choose you will be happy in the ending. Remember, there are no wrong choices (although they are different). Also, there is so much on your mind that it would be wise to get more clarity to avoid accidents. In other words, you can be doing zillions of things at the same time, so slow down and be conscience. Be in the moment and focus all your attention on what you are doing. You may have to take some kind of course to advance yourself in both your personal and professional life. Although you might have some hesitation, it will pay off in the long run. Whatever dreams you have to have your own company will eventually start to happen and to unfold. Right now, everything is falling into place for that dream to happen. I would like to think that the process will start now, but it could continue to evolve as the year progresses.



Starting in the New Year you will be happy to sign a contract. Don't hesitate for a minute to sign it. It will be very very good for you and resolve any issues that you have been having trouble with in the past. There may be a new female in the workplace. Be careful what you say to this person because she is not who she says she is and cannot be trusted. A major change will be happening in the workplace for you. Although you may be upset initially, it actually puts things in perspective for you. In other words, even though it looks negative it is really positive. Although you will be getting more of a workload than normal, look on the bright side. You will be able to make the decisions that you want to make.



Your coworker may be getting fired. Although you may be upset about it the new person will make your job easier because they are more experienced. Your employer may give you an assignment that requires traveling and you'll have no choice but to go. Look at it this way, at least you are not stuck in an office. On a personal level and to your pleasant surprise, in Spring a relationship may turn into a love relationship. You have worked very hard in your lifetime. It will all pay off because you will be recognized and rewarded for the service you have put in.



This should be a very happy go lucky month for you. It will feel like it is your birthday in January. You will feel like you have total control of your life. Having said that, whatever relationship you are in you can now let it go. Perhaps even find the relationship that you want instead. There is a club that you will want to join. Take your time and apply for it and eventually, the doors will open. Don't rush it because the timing isn't right. Also, check your pay stubs more carefully because there is money from your employer that you should be getting but you are not.



There is money that is owed to you but don't expect to get it until April or May this year. The bright side is that you will get the money even though you think it is a loss. Whatever land or house you have been looking at to buy, they will accept your offer although you feel like you've lost it. You have been feeling a financial loss in the past, there will be retribution and you will get what has been lost. Whatever health scare that you have had will pass and you will get a clean bill of health.



Whatever you have been fighting hard for, you will eventually win the battle. Of course, it is not without putting a high price on your health for it. After you feel you have won the battle, I strongly recommend that you take care of your own health to recoup from it. It looks like you will be having a separation or divorce from someone. It could be business or personal but there is a huge separation of sorts. Everything that you've experienced from this war type of situation may leave a bad taste in your mouth for the future. The smart thing to do is to ask yourself what you have learned and make yourself wiser for it.



I want to wish you a happy birthday. There is a good chance you will be making a move this month. Although it will be difficult it will be the right thing to do and it will release you from anything that is unexpected. You'll get an unannounced visit from a relative. It will be short, but sweet, and that is what you prefer with this person. Whatever aches and pains you have will eventually be cleared up for you. It may be a form of a new medication or perhaps you'll get a new massage therapist that takes care of you. Whatever you do on a health level with be very beneficial for you.



You will eventually be having some change in your work. Just trust it and don't worry about it. In the long run, it will be very very good for you. You should be meeting someone through your work that you find very difficult to be with. Although it will be challenging they will help get you to the next level. Although you feel that your life is chaotic, everything will fall into place because of the brilliant mind that you have. There is money that is owed to you. It may be hard to retrieve but you will get it. The money you earn with your work will compensate and make up for any losses that are owed to you.



The power and the responsibility that you have had in your career is being slowly relinquished. In other words, you are losing control without choice. Take the high road and start looking for a new job since you will have less responsibility. By spring you will land a new job where you will get the proper respect that you deserve. Your new employer will be on a very different level. You'll know exactly how to manage everything and step back in the place of power you once had.


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