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Mercury will be in Retrograde from March 5th until March 28th.  Here are four of my top reminders on what "to do" and what "not to do" during this timeframe.

Mercury will be in Retrograde from March 5th until March 28th. Here are four of my top reminders on what "to do" and what "not to do" during this timeframe.

  1. Just remember, it is NOT wise to do any candle rituals on the New moon or Full moon when Mercury is Retrograde. When you do so, it usually does the opposite of what you want.

  2. When Mercury is Retrograde, you should NOT buy anything new that is mechanical or electronic.

  3. Miscommunication is prevalent during this timeframe, so make sure that you are thoroughly clear about what you are saying so you are NOT misunderstood.

  4. Above all, don't sign any contracts until Mercury goes direct after March 28th! Doing so leads to the contracts being broken or not binding.

Uranus will be very jumpy around this time because it’s transitioning into the fire signs for about eight years. What all this means is you will be more outspokenly truthful as well as more daring. When you speak try to ADD LOVE and compassion and above all diplomacy. This also means the stock market and our economy will be very jumpy. What starts making money will be a surprise for our planet.

This will also be a time when our hearts will be more open than usual. You will be more daring and have the courage to have a decent and loving relationship. You will make the right decisions on what’s best for friends or humanity. It will be a time to let go of things not needed (both in your personal and professional life) and to add new things in those categories to make them even better. Have the courage to stand up. Remember letting go of something that doesn't work anymore is a good thing. Adding something positive will help you have a healthier lifestyle to move forward.

Remember, since Mercury is in Retrograde everything may take longer to manifest, but will happen and with great speed, once Mercury goes direct.





This will be one of those months where one way or another everything surrounding you will have to do with work issues. This includes looking deep within to decide whether or not you want to make some sort of career change. I would recommend that you meditate on this because in the ending you’re the only one who could actually make this decision. Once you make it, everything will move very swiftly. Just realize that making the decision to start something new can be very liberating allowing space to breathe easier.



No matter how prepared you think you are to deal with any given situation this month, just expect the unexpected. You have to be quick on your reflexes to get through this and to remain calm through the process. A loved one that you’re with has been hiding something from you. It's nothing really dramatic but will be enough to jar you. Whatever the deception, it is workable. On a professional level, you can expect a pay raise or even a new position in the workplace.



You will have a moment of crisis where you’ll feel polarized not knowing what to do next in your life. However, by some course of a miracle (so you think), everything falls into place on a business level and you get exactly what you want. It’s as if the Gods from up above are rewarding you for the first time. This will also be a month where if you feel you have been having a financial crisis, your finances should be taking a turn for the better.



You’re going to be filled with so many ideas of what you want to do personally this month; you just don't know where to start. Use your intuition by focusing on where you feel the happiest which leads to how you’ll feel the most successful. With all this thinking, you'll figure out what your dream job looks like. Whatever you decide to do may require a small investment from you. In the ending, it will be worth it.



Right now you feel like whatever decisions you try to come up with concerning the work you’re involved in is just not good enough to get to the next level. You feel there are elements of deception around you that has not surfaced yet. This is a strong possibility. Procrastinate on your decision making for a while and see what else surface's before you decide what you want to do. In this situation, it should pay off.



You feel it's time to change things around in your career, but since you have a very unusual way you conduct your business that works don't change anything. You've done things so uniquely, and it is perfect for you. So don't mess with it! Also, you've known someone for a very long time who has been in your life. To your surprise, they will decide to move at the last minute. It will be unexpected for the both of you.



There's a good chance that you'll be finding out about a secret from a very close friend of yours. No matter how you look at it, your friendship will never be the same again. However, depending on how you handle it, this friendship does not have to end. You may ask for some time to digest everything you've learned but it can be repaired. A little bit of advice: listening and patience go a long way.



This will be a month where you'll go through a whirlwind of emotions on many levels. It will be a time where you could take a new relationship to a higher level if you like. (However, some of you will wonder if you should continue with or end an old relationship!) Overall it would be wise to keep strong and confident. Go within your soul to discover what's right for you. Through it all, someone from your past will ask you if you would like to work for them which isn’t such a bad idea.



You feel you've been running a long marathon and to your surprise, you've won. For some reason, your accomplishments feel bittersweet and humbling. You feel you’ve had no choice but to swim or drown, but you decided to swim. What this will do is to recognize how to prioritize your life and to take more of an emotional outlook. Also, you should be on a financial high right now, which is good, but remember don't neglect your health. It would be wise to go for a medical check up even though you feel you’re allergic to doctors. Last but not least it would be wise not to travel too far from home for a while.



You may feel you’re spending too much time with old friends that are coming to visit you. It’s just going to be a time that when it rains it pours. Take a deep breath and try to sleep in and recharge your batteries. Hopefully, by next month you'll be able to rest more. Also, try to remember your dreams and write about them. There will be important messages for you and in order to get clear and remember them you should write them down for yourself. Also, one of your dreams that you’ve wanted will be coming true very soon! :-)



They say one should not meet anyone new when Mercury is in retrograde because chances are you'll never see them again. There is one loophole: as long as they’re a soulmate from a past life those rules do not apply. Having said that, there's a very good chance you'll meet someone new this month from a past life, so enjoy! Also, it would be recommended that you meditate more often this month. The lines of communication may be rougher than usual, and you'll have to rely more on your intuition to resolve certain things in your life.



Don't be too surprised or startled if you’re approached at work to fill in, or give a speech for someone who just can't make it at the last minute for an event. Expect the unexpected! There will be someone who will help you go through something that may be very difficult for you. Count your blessings and realize that there is nothing you can't do in life and nothing that is impossible for you!!!.

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