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  • Mano Matthews


Mercury will be in Retrograde from March 5th until March 28th.  Here are four of my top reminders on what "to do" and what "not to do" during this timeframe.

This will be one of those months where most of our world leaders will be getting their hands caught in the cookie jar doing unorthodox things. Also, the stock market will be vacillating more than usual this month. Unemployment may be higher than customary. Things will be happening on an uncontrollable level for better or for worse. I feel the Universe will have “the better of us” meaning more control over outcomes.

On a world level, the common mere mortals will feel more liberated that things will work for them because any tyranny that is happening in the world will lose control. On a personal level, whatever happens, this month will work better for the rest of the year. April is definitely a pivotal month for the remainder of the year!





Happy birthday Aries! I want to start by saying that a lot of very good opportunity should be coming your way. Be open and don’t shy away. Explore your options. A while back you privately wished for something to happen in your life and it will now be happening. The funny thing is that you might not even remember, but it will be appearing to you. This will be a month where you should be seeing unexpected changes. Go with the flow. Don’t fight it. You will have to go with the flow and not try to control anything this month. The more you try to get something done the less you’ll get, the less you try to get something done, the more you’ll get.



April will be a month where you will decide to experiment to try new things in your life. One of the new things you will try is having another type of job outside of your workplace. You will be starting to meet people that can help you with your so-called new hobby/job that you are creating for yourself. There is a strong possibility that this new position can make you self-employed and assist you in leaving your day job. Last but not least there may be a legal situation that you may have your hands tied with. Whatever it is it will soon be ending where you won’t feel the burden anymore to make choices on that level. This could be about moving to a new place, getting a new driver’s license or even doing your taxes.



You have been in a holding pattern for a while and it will be lifted. It’s as if the doors will be opening for you. It could mean you’re starting a new job, or going to the college of your choice. Regardless, you will now be hearing about something on that level. Whatever opportunity you are getting, it would be wise that you do your homework on it before you start so you are prepared. Just realize, although this may seem like something different than you normally do, if you keep calm, cool, collect and try to meditate every day, everything will come naturally to you on this new path in your life.



So far everything is running smoothly and agreeable for you, but just bear in mind it will feel like it is going very fast. I recommend you are quick with your intuition and reflexes. Also, there is money that is owed to you but you may not get it. If you do, it will take a very long time coming to you. There will be certain issues coming up where you will have to use your diplomatic know-how and the cards say you should be on top of the game. You may feel very rushed this month so take as many cat naps as you can. It is kind of like running a marathon, it goes smoothly and you do get to the finish line!



There will be certain work ventures ending in your life. While you are going through it read your contracts thoroughly. The reason why I am saying this is that the trust card is upside down so there are things with this business venture that you can’t really see. On the bright side, you will go into another form of business that you should like very much. Before we go into spring I’d suggest that you look to make sure there is no stone unturned preparing you for the remainder of 2019.



This will be a month where you will be getting unexpected visitors. You’ll go through a moment of confusion on how to balance your work so you can accommodate them. Also whatever investment you’ve made in the past, whether it’s financial or it could be seeds that you’ve planted in your garden; everything will come up blooming like roses for you. On a health level, whether you’ve been on a diet or health regiment, it will all pay off in the ending. The cards say you’ll be able to maintain what you’ve achieved.



There is someone that will try to make contact with you this month, but for some reason, both of your schedules will conflict. However, you will meet in the ending. This will be very important to you in the future on a business level. Also, this month you just might be in a very moody stage in your life and not want to venture out. Try to get out of this mood and venture out because the things you want to achieve will not happen if you stay at home all the time. At work, your superiors may give you an assignment that you really don’t want to do. If you’re not thrilled, take pride that you can do this assignment better than anyone else!



There is a feeling that the backward energy of mercury in retrograde will be lingering for you. What I mean by that is there is a very good chance that you still have unresolved issues with an ex-spouse or ex-lover. There are still things that need to be resolved before you can have healthier Karma with your next partner. On some level seeing this person will leave you feeling disgruntled. The reality is it will leave your heart feeling stronger because you will have resolved issues that you have been holding onto all this time. There is a business deal that you are venturing into that you really don’t have much knowledge about. Go with it because it will be something that turns out positive instead of negative. Even though you have not done as much research as you should have, I give you my blessings.



You will be starting something new in your career or making some new acquisition with your work. You are not happy about this, but whatever it is will be very successful for you. You can bitch and complain as much as you want to but it will be absolutely great. If you are trying very hard to become friends with an Ex keep a third eye in the back of your head. You know your motives, but you don’t know theirs. You are going to have one of those moments when you’ll be talking to someone and all the words that come out of your mouth will flow from spirit. In other words, you will have no choice but to say what comes out of your mouth. Just realize (for better or worse) this is a past life Karmic moment. It usually has to deal with what you are going through with that person from one life to another and may be considered soul recognition.



Although you feel you may be doing something very different and out of the ordinary, you’ll break through it just fine. That could be anything from pursuing a new sport or even getting a new hip replacement. You may have no choice but to meet with someone you really have no desire to spend time with. Try to make the best of it. Don’t buy any mechanical devices this month. Chances are you may be buying a lemon. This could be the residue of Mercury in Retrograde which went direct on March 28th.



This will be a month where you’ll have many unexpected yet very interesting visitors coming your way either on a social level or a business level. Also, you may even be meeting more than one person that will want to date you. Interestingly speaking, you have come to a place in your life where you have given up on dating. The whole irony is that when it rains it pours. Out of all this, you will be meeting someone who will be a lifelong companion on one level or another that will stay in your life for the rest of your life.



This will be a month of certain unexpected endings for you. Remember always take the philosophy when one door closes another one opens. If you find yourself out of a job, just realize another one will be coming along. When it comes to your finances this month I would not loan anyone money this month or waste it on playing the lottery. Hold on to your money! This may be a period when you’ll feel you want to spend most of your time alone, so use the time to the best of your ability. Meditate, participate in your favorite sport, and build yourself up for your next upcoming adventures. Remember, there is a part of you that wants these changes which also includes getting a new job. Most Pisces are very psychic so you can easily change your environment when you want to.

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