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You are not meant to see everything that is supposed to be resolved because that is how the universe works sometimes.

As you go into the fall you will be going into things you can’t see yet. You are traveling into the unknown where many changes will be happening. These changes will be on a personal level as well as things happening in the economy that will only start to clear up around November. You are not meant to see everything that is supposed to be resolved because that is how the universe works sometimes. Since Neptune is still in retrograde until the end of November, right now there is a lot of smoke and mirrors of things you just can’t see. Believe it or not, the results won’t be so bad. Always go with your gut. If something doesn’t feel right for you don’t do it even if everyone else is doing it.

On a public level, there are still issues with the government that is hidden to keep certain people out of trouble. It will only be short-lived. There will be certain things coming out in our country by pure accident that may astonish and surprise the public. Because of that, there will be new laws put into place that should be better for the public in general. There will be certain powerful people that will lose control of what power they have because of information that’s exposed. It could be anyone from Putin, Kim Jong-un or even Trump.

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There should have been some unexpected disagreements in your workplace. Although you may not understand everything that’s going on, it will all sort out. Just trust it. Also, on a business level, there is still some intensified work you have to get through before you do anything else. It feels like it is inevitable, but something you have tried to avoid. It is something that has to be done. Once you get this cleared out at work, another door will open for you in your profession that you will be very thankful to see. Remember, everything is energy and once you ruffle up one area it opens up another.



You’ll be coming into some deception that you can’t see, but trust your intuition. It may concern someone else that you may have to help. Through this, you will find new discoveries with this person. With these discoveries, you will also find certain rewards that you were not expecting. Once you find these rewards or answers they will help you get to the next level of your journey. The result may be working out karma with someone close or getting a new job opportunity that you have been waiting for.



There are certain obligations that you have been hesitant to face or approach that has to do with your past. In reality, there is nothing for you to be afraid or uncomfortable with. Everything will fall into place. Just realize you have the experience and the skill to take care of everything. Also, if you are a boss in your own company you may be letting go of people. If not, it just means that there will be people around you in your workplace that will be leaving. There is a possibility if you would like a romantic liaison it can happen. It is up to you. Try to open up your heart and have the courage to go into this new relationship. You deserve it.



There is this great opportunity that will be coming your way from your past. You won’t know exactly what to do at the beginning. Whatever this opportunity is you may turn it down because right now you are very content where you are. Also, in terms of a special relationship, you want to show your better half your appreciation in one way or another. For those of you that are trying to find a new job idea, the time will be coming where you can pick and choose what kind of work or establishment you can be falling into.



There may be information that will be coming your way that you don’t want to hear. To you, it means more responsibility, but you handle it very well. If it isn’t your responsibility then don’t go there if someone is trying to put something on you. It can be a very wise choice to respond that way. Your relationship partner will give you a lot of answers to help you get to the next level of your enlightenment. Once you listen to whatever is given, you will feel lighter and braver to continue your professional dreams. There is a very good chance you’ll be on a completely new path in your life.



Because of all your education and experience in life, you’ll be adding in new ideas and developments with your work. You’ll know that you are doing the right thing although there are still finishing touches that you need to complete. Also, there is someone that you’d like to be with romantically. You are uncomfortable and afraid although you want it. I would encourage you to take the next step with this person. You will have no regrets. As far as Virgos are concerned, you sometimes have a hard time accepting change even if it is good for you.



For a long time you a have been holding a torch for someone; even years. Suddenly, it will all just end and you will be very surprised by the changes in your feelings. That change will open up doors for you in allowing yourself to be with someone else on an emotional level. Those of you that are having legal problems with family issues, if you want to get everything resolved you better get a very good attorney. Also, if you have persistent pain in your body, I would recommend you go to the doctor and get it looked at. Don’t avoid it or you may regret it later.



There is a very good chance that you may lose someone very close to you that has been going through a very long illness. Just remember, it is always wise to celebrate someone’s life rather than mourn it. On another level, you will be going through some legal documents that you have no choice but go through. Read them carefully before you do anything because there is some deception there. If you are divorced or separated, you will get some delight out of an accident that happens (even though you know you shouldn’t) because you feel “Karma’s a bitch.”



You have been having issues with someone who never allows you any time for recovery. This could be an ex or a family member, but you are going to have to put your foot down and say enough is enough. Once you do that all the negative energy will lift off of you and you’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel as well as other opportunities. Believe it or not, whatever issues that have been nagging you from your past, once you let them go you will have much success. Once you shift the energy around, many good things can happen when you change a negative to a positive.



There is a very good chance that you will be going back to school or learning something new that will help you with your place of endeavor. Your new education or learning will make you feel more confident to continue with your career. Also, there will be an old love in your life that will try to come back in. I’d recommend that you don’t go there. Neither of you has resolved your issues from the past nor will you resolve them in the future. Don’t go there now leave it for another life. Whatever dreams you have in constructing something (be it a house or something in your business) although it may look difficult, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.



As an Aquarian, you have a reputation for being very stubborn. Sometimes that can work for you and sometimes it doesn’t. Recently, after holding on to something and not letting go for such a very long time, everything just blooms and comes into fruition for you. Because of your uniqueness in your work, you will figure out a way to make the impossible possible. This may surprise everyone. Although you feel this summer has been very uneventful for you, you have laid the foundation to make certain dreams in your life a reality.



There have been a few issues or even people that have been driving you crazy and you don’t feel you have any control over. In due time, these issues will resolve as you get more experience and maintain a balance. On a good note, someone will want to give you a wonderful gift. You feel there may be a catch. If you feel that way, show your appreciation, but double-check what it may come with. Believe it or not, it might be something like a new car or an engagement ring and you know what the latter comes with.

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