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  • Mano Matthews


You are not meant to see everything that is supposed to be resolved because that is how the universe works sometimes.

Mercury is in Retrograde from October 31st through November 20th. Just remember, don’t start anything new, don’t buy anything new that is mechanical, don’t throw anything away that you feel might be broken, and last but not least be patient.

Although you feel you have some great ideas, it would be wise not to share them until Mercury goes direct. The reason being is because there may be misunderstandings, blocks, and rescheduling. Even if you put on the best Broadway play, it is not going to go anywhere during this time-frame. Also, when you feel you want to get things done, the door will not open no matter how hard you try. You will get frustrated so be patient and you will get the rewards. With patience, everything will fall into place. Remember, whatever hard work you have done in the recent past will play out very smoothly while Mercury is Retrograde. The reason is that you have already set it in motion in the past and that is what you should focus on instead of creating or starting anything new.

On a world level, this will be a month where things will get completed at a fast level which is interesting because when mercury is in retrograde it’s often like things are moving backward. Whatever has been worked on and investigated or planned will be put into motion now and even if it feels new it is old. This will be a month where there will be very tough behind the door negotiations going on that government and commerce will have no choice but to go through. Although things are set into motion for events to happen, something tells me we won’t see the results until the end of the month and that can carry through to the end of the year.





The month of November will be uneventful for you. You are not traveling or doing anything exciting but you kind of like it. Sometimes boring can be fun. That’s because October was a month where you were too busy to take a breath, therefore, November will compensate for you. The good thing about it is November will help you stop and think about other things you’d like to create for your future, so you will use the time constructively.



The month of November will feel like everything is going very fast and on some level like you have no control. Surprisingly speaking, everything falls into place for you anyway despite your worries. Even with things you think won’t turn out for you, in its strange magical way they do. So, take a deep breath, meditate and you should be just fine.



In your work, you’ll be assigned to do something you are not used to doing. You feel very apprehensive to take the assignment. To your surprise, you do very well with it. Let’s just say at one time or another you did the research you needed to complete this project successfully. Also, during this Mercury in Retrograde when you find yourself needing to choose between two events, you have no choice but to choose one but you will choose the right one. Just realize you might be feeling like more than one thing goes wrong, but that is because you can’t see the bigger picture. It’s very good for you.



This month you will feel there are certain things that you want that will feel unattainable. What’s happening is things will be postponed for your benefit so you can get what you want. Things are just being put on hold. You’ll see that changing after November 20th. What I’d recommend is don’t overtly strain yourself when it affects your health. You will get what you want so just try to enjoy the month and relax and don’t get frustrated over anything.



At the beginning of this Mercury in Retrograde you will feel no matter what you do to make things go right they don’t go right. I assure you little by little you will be able to put everything in its right box. What the Universe is doing is putting you in a place where you have the time to sort out what you want instead of running around like a chicken without its head. So when you feel like a trapped animal; trust this process. The Universe is doing this so you can concentrate and get clearer on your thoughts to make the right decisions. The last card is the Sun card and that means really good results!



There will be two people that you’ve known for a very long time that you’ll be dealing with this month. One of these people you will want in your life for the rest of your life and the other one you think will be in your life for the rest of your life but won’t be. Don’t worry, you won’t miss the latter. The one you choose to be with will give you much bliss. For the one you kick out, the feelings will be mutual in the ending.



This will be a month where you will feel lonely and unsure of yourself. This could mean that a loved one has gone someplace for a while and won’t be back for a while. What I recommend since you feel isolated is that you put all your thoughts and effort into your profession. On that note, you’ll be able to do something really good and make lots and lots of money. Sometimes spending time alone has its benefits. Remember, if the Universe puts you in a situation where you feel isolated, use it to your advantage. On another level, it might mean that you could also be rewarded on other levels to make your life advantageous.



This will be one of those months where whatever kind of work you do you will have to travel more than usual. You know that there is a formula you can follow that will make your work events less horrific than usual. If you find that magic formula you’ll be able to stay in one place if you want to and have fewer headaches. Remember, the idea for that is right on the tip of your tongue.



Although it’s before the holidays, this will be a month where you should be getting some unexpected gifts coming your way. Surprisingly, you can apply these gifts to your work. You have worked very hard and need a rest so I’d suggest you take the time to relax or meditate so you can take advantage of the gifts given to you. On the negative side, whatever relationship that you are in may not last. This was a temporary relationship that was only meant to be temporary. Remember, it is always what you learn from it.



Whatever obligations that you have it’s best to get them done sooner rather than later. If you don’t you’ll be carrying more than you want. If that happens you might have to postpone your work obligations which will take double the amount of time for you to get the work completed. Either way, you’ll make it through, but if you want to be less exhausted, don’t wait until tomorrow to finish what you can do today.



You will be taking a trip that will prove very successful for you and you won’t even have to work that hard to make it happen. Also, there may be a chance that you will be meeting someone that may be having a substantial future with you later on. The person may be a fire sign. You will feel somewhat contained during all of this traveling that you will do but realistically, in the future, you will feel much freer.



This will be a month where you will be with someone you are close to and have no choice but work out your differences with them. Whether you accomplish that or not is another story. Also, you will be asking for your space for a little while with your love partner but that doesn’t mean that you will break up. The good part is it will make your relationship stronger. What you find out is that sometimes the differences you have in a relationship can help you grow. Remember, a friendly banter can be exciting. The other suggestion is to trust the relationship that you are in right now. Even if you feel there is trouble there; it will work for you.

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