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  • Mano Matthews


You are not meant to see everything that is supposed to be resolved because that is how the universe works sometimes.

Mercury is in Retrograde from October 31st through November 20th. Just remember, don’t start anything new, don’t buy anything new that is mechanical, don’t throw anything away that you feel might be broken, and last but not least be patient.

Although you feel you have some great ideas, it would be wise not to share them until Mercury goes direct. The reason being is because there may be misunderstandings, blocks, and rescheduling. Even if you put on the best Broadway play, it is not going to go anywhere during this time-frame. Also, when you feel you want to get things done, the door will not open no matter how hard you try. You will get frustrated so be patient and you will get the rewards. With patience, everything will fall into place. Remember, whatever hard work you have done in the recent past will play out very smoothly while Mercury is Retrograde. The reason is that you have already set it in motion in the past and that is what you should focus on instead of creating or starting anything new.

On a world level, this will be a month where things will get completed at a fast level which is interesting because when mercury is in retrograde it’s often like things are moving backward. Whatever has been worked on and investigated or planned will be put into motion now and even if it feels new it is old. This will be a month where there will be very tough behind the door negotiations going on that government and commerce will have no choice but to go through. Although things are set into motion for events to happen, something tells me we won’t see the results until the end of the month and that can carry through to the end of the year.