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  • Mano Matthews


This Full Moon should be nicknamed, "Divorce hers/Divorce his." Since it's a lunar full moon, it makes things even more intense. It also doesn't help that the moon is squaring Mars which means people are angry and over reactive. On top of that, Venus is in retrograde. That means it is the opposite of love since love is on hold or neutral. Even though the moon is in fun-loving Sagittarius, it doesn't help one tiny bit. So if your love is not solid as a rock, your chances of getting a divorce, is pretty darn good! If that's the case, find yourself the best divorce attorney before your spouse does, and let the games begin!!! FYI, this can also apply to close relationships as well.


  • June 4th, 5th and 6th

  • The strongest day is the 5th

This will be a time of great agitation in general. On the positive side, this will be a time of a yearning to be free like that Freddy Mercury song, "I Want to Break Free." You'll feel a lot of that. My recommendation is that you meditate and count your blessings in life. If you want your relationships to survive, think of all the wonderful times you've had together, versus the hard times. But if that doesn't help, sometimes it means that you've just outgrown each other and the energies have changed. It's time to move on and nothing will hold you back. It doesn't always mean you have to end it, but the energy of your relationship will be different.



Light a Blue Candle

Blue, to get all the right words out of your mouth.

Purple or lilac

Light a Brown Candle

Purple or lilac for your psychic ability.


Light a brown candle

Brown to feel grounded.


Light a green candle.

Green for LOVE.


Light a pink candle

Pink, to be protected.

Much light and love all around you!!! :-*


Go to candle ritual:

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