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Updated: May 1, 2022

The Prognosis for October

On an astrological level, Mars will be in retrograde for about three months. What this means is there will be less aggression felt in the world as well as fewer wars. When this happens, you are less antagonistic and more willing to listen. In other words, a side effect could be that you might feel less ambitious, but you will be more relaxed to listen. You might also feel more spiritual and not have much of a sex drive. But the good news is your EGO will lessen. By October 29th, Saturn will be going direct, which means there will be more money flow. People will have no choice but to follow the rules and regulations again, and not get away with things that they thought they could get away with in the past. It also means that you will have no choice but to learn your lessons and face whatever Karma that life brings you.

Cover-up and Deception Exposed

October 4th, Pluto went direct. This means that whatever cover-up or deception that has been hidden, will now be exposed. There will be a lot more surprises coming up! If you think you’ve seen some big headlines in the news, you’ll be seeing even bigger headlines! Also, because of these planets being direct including Jupiter that went direct on September 13th, there will now be harmonious flow again with structure. Whatever you felt was moving slowly or sluggish, things will feel like they are speeding up again. The cards say what has been postponed will now be flowing full force, and whatever has been delayed from the past will be coming full frontal. Things that were in chaos will have their rightful balance. There will be some people that will not be thrilled with what is exposed. In October, it looks like the old guard will be ending, and a new guard will begin.


Surprisingly speaking everything has been happening (as is) in your life