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Full Moon in Capricorn Opposite Mercury with Fixed Star Dheneb

The Full Moon on July 13th will be in Capricorn opposite Mercury. This configuration will give most of us a prickly sensation with a feeling of crisis looming on a personal level. We may also feel combative with friends. Situations can escalate because of misunderstandings and from being set in one way of thinking and being closed off to another way of thinking. Deep down it's all emotionally triggered. What will save us is Uranus which will bring us new information and new alternative ideas to achieve better solutions and move forward in a better light. Also, there is a fixed star called Dheneb that helps us conjure and be open to new ideas and helps us become free of being stuck in our ways!

On a numerology level, we will be going through a 4 and an 8-time period, which means we will be immersed in our work for the next two weeks and not coming up for air. But because of past experiences, you can come up for air by thinking of alternative solutions, which are good, because your loved ones might feel neglected.

Remember, no friendship is worth losing because of any misunderstanding!

Light all around you!

Mano ;-)


July 12 (13), 14
July 13 is the strongest day.




Blue, to remain calm.



Brown, for integrity.


Purple and Lilac

Purple and lilac, to come up with better solutions.



Yellow, to protect you from negativity.



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