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Full Moon in Capricorn - Go Slow to Go Fast

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Mano's Full Moon Candle Ritual -

The Full Moon in June which lands on the 21st will be in the sign of Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn. They always say Saturn is the teaching planet. Not only that but Saturn will be in retrograde from June 29 to November 15. So, if you have your moon or rising in Saturn you will feel its energy even more. On a spiritual and human level, whatever past experiences you have learned, now is the time to apply them to the best of your ability. The good thing about it is that it gives you ample time to work things out with care, and love. If you apply those elements it makes the process go smoother.

Things will also feel like they are moving slower. So, keep the philosophy, “A watched pot never boils!.”  Keep yourself busy with other things. The saving grace is that Pluto is in Aquarius which means expect the unexpected. When that happens everything feels as if it goes fast.

It is also a time to be honest about your boundaries and how they help or hinder certain situations in your life and relationships. This will be a time to guard your emotions and freedoms and not get into other people's drama. Keep yourself strong during this time because it also can be physically draining. Remember it’s all about structure and control now. You also may feel you haven’t reached your goals in life, but in reality, feel good all about your past accomplishments.

This is also a time to see things more realistically, correct things, and put them back on track again so you move back to an optimistic level. It's time to look at your professional goals and finances which bleeds into your personal life. Support each other in loving and positive ways. This doesn’t mean you should blow away your dreams, it just means that things may take a little time. With the time that Saturn gives you, see what other alternatives you have and put some reality into it to make those dreams come true. Miracles always happen even when Saturn is in the picture! 

"Love & Light all around you!" ;-)




June 20, (21), & 22

June 21 is the strongest day.






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