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Full Moon in Gemini With Lunar Eclipse

The Full Moon is in Gemini on November 30th is also a lunar eclipse. When you have this kind of combination, it makes it more intense than others. This time around has to do with a lot of change in life, especially in love and in money. The challenge is not to get overly emotional and make exaggerated assumptions that are not there. This full moon will pull on your heartstrings on more than one level, so try to keep cool to get through these next two weeks. As I always suggest, meditation is helpful.

With these intense feelings and energy, use this as an opportunity to improve your love life and your finances with clear ambition and a clear mind. You will not be disappointed.


  • November 29th, (30th) and December 1st

  • November 30th is the strongest day



You could have a lot of emotional intensity this month, so try to make it useful on a monetary and emotional level. During meditation, I recommend working with the colors gold and white to get more clarity. It also helps you get things done faster. To help your organizational thoughts, you can mix blue as well. It also helps to be more harmonious with things around you. You have a natural organic sense of organization after you meditate, and things go more smoothly. The world seems a lot nicer. I recommend twenty minutes of meditation each day.



Blue, for harmony and clear thought



Brown, for money and grounding



Yellow, for protection



Pink, to keep away people you don't want in your life or negative finances


I trust you had a beautiful holiday filled with much strength and love all around you.

Mano ;-)


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