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Full Moon in Leo with Tempers Flaring

The Full Moon on February 5 will be in Leo square the planet of Uranus. In addition, Venus will be squaring Mars for 15 hours before the Full Moon, which in effect will square Uranus. What this does on a specific level is will cause lover arguments and disagreements. But just in general, tempers will flare up and you just may do something you'll regret. So, what I recommend, is that you meditate before you start your day for at least two weeks. That would be wise. Try to catch yourself and calm yourself down, if you can. Lighting a blue votive candle goes a long way!

"Happy Valentine's Day! Light all around you."




February 4, (5), 6

February 5 is the strongest day.



Green, for the heart.



Blue, for harmony and balance.


Purple or Lilac

Purple or Lilac, for your intuition.



Brown, to help ground yourself.



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