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Full Moon in Libra and Aries with Chiron the Wounded Warrior

For September, this Full moon will be in Aries and in the sign of Libra. Libra is all about balance in life and following your heart. Venus just recently went direct, which means you won't be so cautious with your desires in life. Remember, there was also a New Moon in Aries in March as well as a Solar eclipse. What this means is whatever intentions you had then, you will now go full force with them in this junction, and whatever creations you wanted to create, you will now make them into a reality. It will affect you on an entrepreneurial level, so take full advantage of this opportunity! Because Aries will make you passionate, headstrong, and bold to take your chances with determination!

Last but not least, the asteroid Chiron, known as the wounded warrior, is also in the picture. Chiron represents your scars and your wounds from your experiences in life. But in this junction, you will have a very positive approach to it, and you will show your scars and wounds that they helped you get through life and how you got through your obstacles using them in a positive light!! It also can shed inspiration for others.

"Light all around you on this inspirational Full Moon!" ;-)




September 28, (29), 30

September 29th is the strongest day.



White, for purity



Green, for strength of heart.



Blue, to make sure everything runs smoothly.



Red, for courage.



Brown, to keep us grounded and

to help make more money.



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