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Full Moon in Virgo with Saturn Square Uranus Candle Ritual

This time around, the Full Moon will be in Virgo with Saturn square Uranus. What this means is that all of us should experience a change in one way or another. When the Full Moon is in Virgo, we may feel stress or worry and make things feel more complicated than they are. Uranus is about rebellion, sudden change which doesn't always mix with Virgo because they don't want structure to fall apart. Through the falling apart we find new ways of doing things that make it easier for us. The change that will be happening is good and positive. We can look forward to these changes. So change the stress and the worry to curiosity. Explore these changes with an excitement of a child on Christmas morning.

Mercury started going direct on February 20, and it takes about half a week to regulate itself. It is safe to proceed with your candle rituals. Remember, the universe is in Divine Order!


  • February 26th, (27th), 28th

  • February 27th is the strongest day



Twenty minutes of meditation each day will help you stay centered. Carving out that time will organize your energy and help you focus. If you need to start with 5 minutes a day, that's okay. A little meditation goes a long way. The focus of the meditation is to visualize a very bright white, yellow or even green light in your third eye. That's enough to help you get through the day. You can even add the affirmation, "The Universe is in Divine Order." Say it 3 times, and that helps.