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Full Moon November 19, 2021 - Overcoming the Doom and the Gloom

It's going to be a very intense Full Moon indeed!!! As Snoopy once said, "It was a dark and stormy night!!" This Full Moon will be a Lunar Eclipse. This time it will be in Taurus square Venus, plus aligns with the star Algol. What all this breeds is selfishness, greed, misfortune, violence and intense sickness. In my opinion, we may have one more surge with the pandemic before it all disappears.

The Lunar Eclipse is also Trine Pluto which gives us the strength to help us overcome our obstacles that we face and go through positive spiritual transformation. But what it also could do is go down from within your soul, expose your deepest darkest secrets, and help you overcome them, making you an even stronger person, and overcoming your fears in life. As long as you have honesty, faith and a strong sense of purpose you could help yourself to evolve to the next level in your lifetime. Of Course, this is not without some hard work, but we can do it.

Have a wonderful and heart felt Thanksgiving!

Light all around you!

Mano ;-)


  • November 18, (19), 20.

  • November 19, 2021 is the strongest day.




Blue, for transformation.



Yellow, for protection.



Brown, for grounding.


Purple and Lilac

Purple or Lilac, for spiritual growth.



White, for purity.



Green, for love of mankind.



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