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Full Moon With Lunar Eclipse and Mercury in Retrograde

Just a friendly reminder that Mercury will be retrograde May 10th to June 3rd, so we should not light candles for our candle ritual. Realize, this will be a time of some confusion, so please listen a little deeper, and if you don't understand something, never be embarrassed or shy to ask someone to explain themselves better regardless of the situation.

Also, remember, don't buy anything new that is mechanical. Don't sign any new contracts, but if it is connected with something old from the past, then it's okay. Usually, things are postponed and canceled when Mercury is retrograde, so practice patience.

When we have a full moon mixed in with a lunar eclipse, it usually means the effects and the actions that will take place will be felt for about six months.

Internationally it will feel a bit like a Star Wars battle of good versus evil. We will most likely see established institutions exposed of their dirty laundry, not to mention even toppled. That will even pertain to some international leaders as well.

On a personal level, it means confronting our own challenges and overcoming them, not to mention even conquering them. And learning not to be intimidated by our fears and standing up to them!!

All of this is happening because the full moon is in Scorpio has challenging aspects to Saturn. But what helps us get through everything is that we also have well aspected Mars and Neptune mixed in with Uranus, which gives us our strength, durability, maturity, and patience to get through it all with lots of unexpected good surprises for us as part of the outcome.


May 16, 2022

Do not light candles!


Light, peace and love all around you! :-* Mano


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