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Full Pink Moon in Aries-Libra Polarity

This full moon on April 6, 2023 is called the pink moon. It will be in an Aries-Libra polarity. So, this means you will have a driving force to be independent and do things without supervision while being assertive. But, with Libra in the mix, it means being honest, diplomatic, empathic, and compromising. It is also a time to be self-healing and good to yourself as well as the people around you that you love. On a business level, focus on being empathetic to your co-workers and be good in negotiations. This is also a very good time to get things done because all planets are direct until April 21st.

"Light all around you!" ;-)




April 5, (6), & 7

April 6 is the strongest day.



Green, for love and being empathetic.



Blue, for harmony and to be clear in your thoughts.


Purple or Lilac

Purple or lilac, for keeping focused.



Brown, for grounding and money.



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