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Full Worm Moon in Pisces - Big Leap of Faith

The March Full Moon on the 7th will be in Virgo. Virgo is all about organization, so this time around, you will feel prone to reorganization. It also means this will be a time of revealing things in a very big way and figuring out what it all means while deciphering everything along the way. This will also be a time of letting go of projects or ideas you feel don't work for you anymore. That can also mean letting go of friends you feel are dead weight or energy suckers. You will have confidence in what stays and what doesn't! March is ruled by Pisces, so you will feel intensely emotional and even psychically stronger. Since Virgo is in the mix, it will help you see logically and keep you in balance as you reorganize to see what doesn't work anymore and start living in a newer way!

Just so you know, this will also be happening on a worldwide platform as well, exposing things to the public that have been kept quiet while creating changes. It is similar to what happened on the Fox Network recently. Cleaning up and change on that level can be a very good thing to come!

"Happy Saint Paddy's Day and Light all around you!"




March 6, (7), & 8

March 7 is the strongest day.



Green, to keep your heart open

and also for your love life.



Blue, to think more thoughtfully.


Purple or Lilac

Purple or Lilac, for your intuition.



Brown, to keep grounded.



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