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Updated: May 1, 2022

The Prognosis for April 2022

Although things on the health level are getting better, the time is not right to rush out to do a lot of things yet. My advice is to do everything in moderation. Even if it is not time to do a lot of things, you can still have a lot of fun. Take things slowly. The economy should be getting better. You should be making more money. Things still won’t get back to what they once were just yet.

They will come out with a technological invention that will make things a lot easier for people. I am not sure what it is, but it will help make our lives easier in a work environment. Just give it a chance because it is brand new, but it should work. Starting late April and going into late May our lives should be getting back to normal again after three years. This could also mean that things in Ukraine will get better.

Light all around you!


(See your astrological sign below:)


First and foremost, I want to wish you a happy birthday. You will start your birthday month on a good note. This will be the month that things start accelerating and improving on anything that you try to improve on. So, specialties that you tried to change or alter in the past and had a hard time accomplishing, you can do it now. You can also make peace with anyone you have disagreed with. Furthermore, you will be approached by someone giving you a new job offer, and you may consider it for the first time. This will be a month of change for you, not because it is your birthday month, but because it is in your cards.


This will be one of those months where before you do something, someone will warn you that it is not a good idea. Meaning, that whoever told you to do this project did not give you the entire instructions. In this given situation, if it is too good to be true, chances are it is not. Come spring, there is a work project that you have wanted to do, and you will now be able to do it. You’ll be hearing new information or new realizations about a legal issue that you will be getting reciprocity for, and it will be on a good level that will surprise you. Someone will be giving you a very expensive gift, just take it and say thank you and appreciate it.


It is a breakthrough month for you. It will be one of those months where you will get a job opportunity that you wanted for a long time. Also, there is someone you have been wanting to have a relationship with for quite some time. This will be the month where everything comes together. It is not without work. You have to work out the details of the relationship before it starts, but it can work out. If you move in with someone you will have to make room/create space for them in your environment. Someone will want to make a business deal with you. Tell them you will have to think about it. They are not being honest with the price or money.


You’ll be getting the dream job that you’ve wanted. In the beginning, it won’t be at the place that you want it to be. It will be like a partnership, but not quite yet. It will get there. You will be starting a project, but before it starts make sure you do your homework, or else it may fall apart even before you begin. It's as if you buy a bunch of machinery, but you don’t get the instructions. Something is missing. So, make sure you get the instructions! In your place of living, there are still new pieces to put together with old pieces. Some of the new pieces are unique and different, but it is what is required to combine with the old. Once it is together, it will flow beautifully.


This will be a month where everything goes very fast, and the month will pass in a blink of an eye. You will also be able to accomplish a lot, both old and new. You’ll be spending more time with your work than your personal life. I would suggest making sure your loved ones don’t feel left out. There is a chance that you will be putting in a new addition at work. If it isn’t a technical piece of equipment, it could be a personal assistant. Either way, it will work for you.


You will be having someone that you know stay with you for a while. This person feels like a family member, but it can also be a close friend. One of the reasons this is happening is that you have issues to work out with this person. If there is any back work that you have not done yet or postponed, this will be the month to get it done and ready. There will be a portal opening for you to get it done, so don’t procrastinate. During the winter, you perfected something that now works well for you. I recommend that you keep it that way. It works individually for you (maybe not everybody). Since you developed your system, stick with it. There is someone close to you, and you will be getting a large amount of money from them. I am not sure if it is a business deal or an inheritance. The amount will surprise you.


Don’t be too proud to ask for help if you can’t figure out something you are doing. What may take you an hour may take someone else 10 minutes. So, don’t be proud. If you are doing anything at work on a virtual level, just double-check everything before you get into it. Chances are there could be a glitch in the system before you start. Just give yourself a dress rehearsal before you start. There is someone that you love very much that may want to do some form of a project with you. I recommend that you help them because they may not be able to do the whole thing themselves but pretend that they are doing it all by themselves so they can feel good about it.


There is something that you bought (or it might be an investment), where you thought it would not lead to anything. To your surprise, it is now worth lots and lots of money. I would recommend that you cash it in and treat yourself well. Anything that you have been afraid of or have felt apprehensive to do, you will have newfound courage to step into a given situation or project and excel. This will be a month where you will be getting together with a lot of old friends for a few days. Make sure you clean your house or your kitchen before you go. Take out your garbage before you leave for your trip, so when you return, everything looks, feels, and smells nice and fresh.


Anything that you feel was taken away from you without you knowing, you will be able to repossess whatever it may be. Having said that, do it quietly without making any noise. The quieter, the better, so you do not alert anyone. In other words, don’t brag about it. There is a chance that you will go someplace, and you will unexpectedly bump into old friends that you have not seen for a long time. It will be like a reunion. Have fun and cherish it.


You’ll be going through lots of changes this month. Whatever works for you, you can keep in place don’t change it. Also, I don’t need to be a psychic to say this would be a good month to check your spam folder for emails you might regret if you miss them. Anything new that you are going through, you are being guided very well from the other side to get from A to Z. Also, whatever you are doing for your health is working. Just give it some time for everything to settle in. In other words, whatever you are doing will make your life easier.


If you have had any disagreement with a friend of yours and it hasn’t been going well, this month you can work it out if you want to. There are still things on a personal level that you have not been able to sort out.

It may take the whole month of April to get back to a place where you feel like yourself. Don’t push it. Don’t rush it. And everything should fall into place for you. This should also be a month where things change in your life, and at the beginning, it may feel uncomfortable. Remember, Aquarians do not like change, but once you make the change, you will be very happy and content with it.


This may be a month where you may have to discontinue working remotely and return to the office. There is a part of you that doesn’t want to leave your home environment. To your surprise, you will be able to work something out with your employer to work part-time at home and part-time at the office. Eventually, you can move back to remote work again if you want. There may be an ex that wants to get back with you, but I recommend that you don’t. If you are currently in a relationship, don’t even try to go back there. Speaking of relationships, if you are in one, it would be nice if you do something fun and exciting to make sure nothing goes stale.


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