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The Prognosis for August 2021

To begin with, this has been a summer where things feel like they are stuck. Nothing is moving. Starting this month in August things will gradually be lifting, and then it will be moving more like a locomotive come September. Also, on a world level, how we look at our money will be changing although it has already begun. It will give us a little headache, but we will have no choice but to see things differently on an economic level. On an economic level, the world might feel upside-down but it will be moving in the right direction. It will be happening gradually, so it doesn’t scare everyone on the planet. All this will bring us new opportunities in our lives. It will escalate things gradually and in some ways make us feel independent. Trust in the change.


On a health level, despite what we are going through with the resurgence of Covid, things will turn out okay. We are still going through the process of nipping it in the bud, and we will.

Light all around you!