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The Prognosis for August 2021

To begin with, this has been a summer where things feel like they are stuck. Nothing is moving. Starting this month in August things will gradually be lifting, and then it will be moving more like a locomotive come September. Also, on a world level, how we look at our money will be changing although it has already begun. It will give us a little headache, but we will have no choice but to see things differently on an economic level. On an economic level, the world might feel upside-down but it will be moving in the right direction. It will be happening gradually, so it doesn’t scare everyone on the planet. All this will bring us new opportunities in our lives. It will escalate things gradually and in some ways make us feel independent. Trust in the change.


On a health level, despite what we are going through with the resurgence of Covid, things will turn out okay. We are still going through the process of nipping it in the bud, and we will.

Light all around you!



You may have some expectations resolving some issues this month, but you may have some postponements with it. All in all, everything should fall into place. Because of Covid, there will be some twists and turns in your profession as to whether you should continue to work remotely or go back to the office. The back and forth will give you a headache before the dust settles. You may be forming a partnership, but I feel it is work instead of love. You will be happy just the same.


There is a very good chance that someone that knows you and has a crush on you may want to start a love relationship with you. It will come about naturally. This person is too shy to tell you, but you will agree when it happens. This will be a month to learn about trust with people around you and not to be afraid to see what develops. The cards also tell me you should stay with the work you have now.

Someone may offer you a job, but stick with where you are.


You may have some work that needs to be done that you may need assistance with. You will know exactly who to make contact with to get this extracurricular work done. There will be someone in your profession that will be having a very hard time. It would be good Karma to help this person out. There will be some very unique work documents that will show up. They may look different, but they are still the same stuff, so don’t be too surprised. You will be successful in how you execute them.


Don't replace any old items in your home that still work. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Just because you buy something new doesn’t mean it is better. For example, if your old dishwasher still works, don’t buy a new one. The new one likely won’t work as well. Also, in your line of work, your company is going to try to make changes, but for some reason, they won’t fly and you will still be in the same structure that you are currently in. Don’t be too surprised if nothing changes. Lastly, if you are looking for a new job or your current company offers you a different job, it will be the right one for you. It will happen very fast.


Someone from another location will be giving you an opportunity with your work. I recommend you take it. It doesn’t mean you have to move, but it will give you an alternative to add another skill and expand your services. The only drawback is that you will have more homework to understand and educate yourself to roll it out properly.


If you are single, someone wants to pursue you and romance you. If you say yes, it will be nice and a good thing. You have made some changes with your work, and you are insecure with the changes, but it will make your job easier for you. There will be an organization that will want you to join them because of your experience and knowledge. If you decide to join them, make sure you have lawyers look over the contract before you sign. This new venture will be very good for you.


If you have been doing online dating and haven’t met the right person yet, but suddenly your perfect match shows up, it might be too good to be true. If you have been trying to pursue someone like this, you will be very disappointed. Wait a little longer, and you will meet someone the old-fashioned way. On the bright side, the investments you have made will be ready to cash in soon, so you will have a financial cushion.


Not to sound cynical, but someone that you have always hated will be passing away. It gives you a heightened feeling of sadness, but also a relief. The moral of the story is it is okay to feel both emotions. You should be coming into money, but don’t advertise it on the front page of the New York Times. All I can say is that life may be unfortunate for someone that crosses over, but at the same time, it can also make your life financially very comfortable.


You are underpaid in your line of work. Go to your boss and negotiate a new salary. It will be in your favor because the skills that you have are not the norm. The good news is you can still work remotely instead of in the office if you want. It would be nice to feel valued for the work skills that you have. Although the summer has been rough, in the fall, it will be easier. You’ll be having a change in your lifestyle. It could be a new location, a new home, or a financial upgrade.


Because of your infinite wisdom in life, you’ll be making things right with an old friend of yours. Remember, it doesn’t mean that your friend has changed their ways, but you can still have a good friendship. This will be a time in your life that you may have to change your diet or your medication to make sure you have a good physical or mental outlook in your life. There will be someone that will pursue you to get back to work. It is up to you whether you want to go back.


Starting in August, there will be a change or separation of sorts with your life, but it will be a change that you want. There may be some surprises with the adjustment that may make you a little nervous but very happy. Also, you will be going from feeling very stuck in one moment and things moving very fast in the next. With all these changes happening in your life, it will go from feeling unsuccessful in one moment to feeling very successful in the next.



Your employer wants to give you a new position at work. You will be happy to take it and be very successful. They will want you to sign a new contract, so make sure it pleases you before you accept the position. Look closely at the contract because they will expect you to stay longer. Don’t let this bother you because the time will go very fast anyway. The position will require you to be a teacher or a trainer, but this does not mean that they will replace you. There is no ulterior motive.


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