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The Prognosis for December 2021

This will be a month where your strengths and passions will be tested, and although you might not understand where everything is going, you’ll get through it despite feeling unsure of yourself. Put your heart in the right place, and you’ll realize what alternatives there are to work on, and you will be just fine.

This is a month where you will feel you will have to come up with different solutions for yourself, and you can do it without sacrificing anything. Just be clear, have no fear, be confident, and you will land on your own two feet. All this means is that you will be mixing some stuff with the old and some stuff with the new. This could be about the pandemic or things that the government is throwing at you, but it will all work out. Once you figure out a different alternative, a new solution, it will work out.

Have a safe and loving holiday, and don't forget to forgive! Light all around you!



This will be a month where you will feel like wheeling and dealing. You will order something and find the exact same thing at half the price, so you will return the expensive one and keep the less expensive one. Maybe, as you get older, you have become more price-savvy instead of buying without thinking about it. Although you keep saying that you want to change your profession, soon you will do something about it. If you do change your profession, you will be taking a chance, but this time around your heart will be in it. This may be a month of testing the waters in a relationship to see how it will sail.


You will decide to take chances in your life for better or worse this month. Trust yourself, and you will make the right choices. You will feel compelled to make different decisions with your relationship this time around. This time they will stick. You have been trying to get a message across to one of your superiors, but it seems stuck. Either press the send button again or send it to another superior so it can get through. There may be a glitch in the system.


Although right now you feel nothing is happening in your profession, I would recommend that you let go of the feeling of giving up. Even if you feel stuck don’t give up because the doors will eventually open for you. This is the ending of the year, but you will still be going through a spiritual transformation. When it starts happening you may not recognize it until later on. The reason it is happening this way is that Gemini has a reputation for not accepting what is good for them.


You will take total control of your work and make the changes that you want this month. Believe it or not, everything will flow as you want it to flow because you are the one in the pilot seat. Don’t get discouraged because it could take a little longer than you anticipate, so press that button on auto-drive, relax, and trust it will get you to the right destination. Someone from the past that you had a falling out with will be trying to reach you. Just be aware that they have not changed in the least. They want something from you but, you can’t trust them, so take them with a grain of salt.


There is someone that you work with, and it’s not working out. You feel it, and you know it. If you need to recommend this person or if you are in the position to fire this person, you will not give them a favorable review or you might have to let them go. Remember, you have to take the philosophy by letting this person go it will be for the better good of the company. You have to get rid of the dead weight. You’ll see the evidence once you do it. Whatever investments you’ve made from the past, you’ve made some good ones and they will be very successful.


Virgo to start with, (you may not like it), but if you are thinking about traveling this month it is better if you stay home. Although you have made progress with your work there is still more that you can’t see that you can improve upon. Once you figure out what needs working on in your profession, you’ll do a good job fixing it. Again, you likely don’t want to hear this but, if you are looking for a relationship, be more patient. It will eventually be happening. When it happens you will have no regrets.


Regardless of whether you are currently in a relationship or not, you will have someone else coming into your life. If you are already in a relationship it will test the waters, otherwise, it will be nice. There is a long-awaited commission or a raise that you have been promised. Right now, it is on hold, but you will eventually be getting it. You may feel exasperated by the delay, but you will be getting it. You have been stuck in your ideas and creativity at work and that will be changing too. In other words, if you have writer's block that will be changing too. You may have no choice to travel for your work so be safe, and take precautions while you travel.


This will be one of those years where you want to get people together for the holidays but you are not sure if it is going to work out. Don’t worry, all the hard work and preparations you’ve made will work. Someone from your past will want to make a financial offer for you from the old days. It doesn’t look like you are going to turn it down. You are good at what you do, and you will even be able to thrive on this offer.

You’ll be able to make lots and lots of money with this offer, and you will be debt-free.


There is someone you work for that you are not too crazy about. My recommendation is to stick with this person because through this connection you will be making lots and lots and lots of money before the end of the year. Just remember, you don’t have to like everyone at work. You just have to tolerate them. So, this month may feel like what Charles Dickenson said, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” The cards recommend that you do not travel even though it is the holidays. On a good note, you will find someone new to love in the coming months. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but it is coming!


This will be one of those months where you will be getting more for less. Let’s just say you will be in your element. Whatever worries that you have had, everything will turn out the way you want it to this month. It may require a little more patience, but it will turn out. It is advised not to try anything new until the holidays are over. Just stick with what you know, and everything will turn out fine. As we go into the New Year, your thought process will be calmer, you’ll be able to think clearer, and then if you want to make changes you can. It will be very smooth.


It is recommended not to rush into anything with your work so you don’t make any mistakes. Once you do that, and you see where you need to dot your i’s and cross your t’s, everything will go smoothly. Also, the cards say from now until December you may change your profession or view your work on a different level. Either way, it will be very good for you. Also, the cards are indicative that you can continue a remote lifestyle, but it is not anyone’s business if you move around to different locations. Keep that private. You will be confronted by certain people that say they want to hear the truth from you, but they really don’t want to hear it. When this happens, be diplomatic, and handle them with kid gloves.


You’ll be having one of those holidays where you will have no choice but to be around people you don’t want to see. It usually happens when you have a mixture of family and friends during the holidays. I recommend that you grin and bear it. During the holidays, you will have an unexpected crisis with your work and they will need you. You can blame technology for that! You might be at a party and have to work. Unfortunately, this will be a holiday where you will likely not be around the one person you want to be with, so hopefully, you can spend New Year’s with them. Things will feel like they will be going fast this month, so go into a quiet place, close the door, and meditate. It will help put things in perspective. You will bump into a trusted colleague that will take any burden off your shoulders of any unnecessary work that your company gives you.


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