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The Prognosis for December 2021

This will be a month where your strengths and passions will be tested, and although you might not understand where everything is going, you’ll get through it despite feeling unsure of yourself. Put your heart in the right place, and you’ll realize what alternatives there are to work on, and you will be just fine.

This is a month where you will feel you will have to come up with different solutions for yourself, and you can do it without sacrificing anything. Just be clear, have no fear, be confident, and you will land on your own two feet. All this means is that you will be mixing some stuff with the old and some stuff with the new. This could be about the pandemic or things that the government is throwing at you, but it will all work out. Once you figure out a different alternative, a new solution, it will work out.

Have a safe and loving holiday, and don't forget to forgive! Light all around you!



This will be a month where you will feel like wheeling and dealing. You will order something and find the exact same thing at half the price, so you will return the expensive one and keep the less expensive one. Maybe, as you get older, you have become more price-savvy instead of buying without think