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Updated: May 1, 2022

The Prognosis for January

This will be a month when you realize that anything that does not work in your life needs to be tossed out forever without hesitation. This also applies to things on a personal level and a national level. Everything that you have worked so hard for will start to feel complete from 2020.

You will have to be strong to welcome a new wave of energy that will be hitting you. Do not be afraid of it because everyone on the planet will be guided. Try to breathe into any situation that requires you to change, and it will help you change for the better. Use your unique creativity to help things around you blossom. Also, things will be better for you on a financial level.

On a Universal level, the pandemic was supposed to happen to bring about changes on this planet. Try to accept it and work with it, and do not live in fear. Fear only makes you ill. Keep your heart healthy, keep confident, and be content that there are new energies out there to help you get through all of this.


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