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The Prognosis for January 2023

Just remember, Mercury is in retrograde until January 18th which means don’t sign any new contracts (unless it’s old). Mercury is the planet of communication, and when it is retrograde, communication is more difficult, so this can be a time of miscommunication and misunderstanding. Also, when it is retrograde, mechanical things can break down, so don’t buy anything new that is mechanical. Mercury goes retrograde three times out of the year this year, and this is the first one. The good news is if you have a birthday during any of the retrogrades this year, it means you will get through them better than other signs will.

As much as people are worried about the economy, the economy will get better. Sometimes it takes a dip for things to go back up, but we do have the knowhow to get it back where it should be. We will start the New Year reflecting on the past, trying to make a better future, and making the right changes so this world or the United States won’t have to struggle as much anymore.

On a worldwide level, the United States is making negotiations as we speak to end whatever other tragedies out there like to stop the war in Ukraine. This world will get better. It is not going to happen overnight. We still need to make some sacrifices and hard work, but we will get there. That also means working on the system we have now and trying to improve it in a new way. Just remember, we’ve come a long way from The Spanish Inquisition, and as a matter of fact I traveled to Spain recently, and I can’t believe how modern and advanced, open, liberal, and friendly the people in that country are today. That proves that the world can change for the better. That doesn’t mean that isn’t without some hard work. My cards also tell me that we will be making newer progress and newer inventions, but some of the world may not be ready yet. But to make the progress, we must make the change. As an example: transitioning all cars into electric vehicles, using solar heat all over the world for a change and making electricity free. In other words, we must do this if we ever want to travel into space. What I am talking about may take some years in doing, but we are basically starting now.

Happy New Year! Light all around you!


(See your astrological sign below:)


This will be a month where whatever your wish list was for your work, you'll be getting that at the beginning of this New Year. There will be monies you'll be receiving from some sortof settlement, but you will have to split it with someone. You may bump into an old work colleague of yours this month, but you have your ambivalence about the reconciliation.


You will be going through one of those moments in your life with your work that what you do accidentally actually makes you become very successful (to your great surprise)! You'll also begin to use and trust your intuition more to get you through things in your personal and professional life, and it will pay off for you big time. Last but not least, if you've been avoiding an issue from your past, please have the strength to face it and conquer it.


Although you don't want to admit it, this will be a time when you'll be going through a lot of changes in your life. Be strong and go through it. The change will be about the best thing you could do in your life right now. You'll even go through things in your profession you won't want to do, but it will pay off for you at the same time, and these changes should make you pretty successful!


You'll have an offer to take a vacation somewhere if you like, but for some reason, your intuition tells you to postpone it. You will be trying something completely brand new on a partnership level. I would encourage you to go for it. Finally, you just may step into the profession of your dreams sometime soon at the beginning of the New Year.


The beginning of winter maybe a bit difficult for you, but once you get through those challenges and what you learn from them, the rest of winter will prove to go smoother for you. Remember, there may be some things you may not want to go through, but they are put there to make you stronger and wiser. And because of that, you'll be able to see clearer what works for you more and circumvent what doesn't.


There's a very good chance that you'll be collecting a large amount of money in an unorthodox way. Just accept the money and don't complain. If you’re going through any difficult time at the beginning of the year, don't be too proud to ask for help. There will be more than one person that will be there for you. Because of your knowledge and wisdom in your profession, you will attract even greater opportunities in your work specialty.


This will be a time in your life, that you should meet one of your soulmates. As happy as you will be to meet them, it may also cause some tension. So, I wish you well in working it out. Also, your boss may give you more of a workload than you want and without the pay raise. Because of that you may feel a bit restricted for some of the winter.


You’ll be going through a time with the people you meet that you may doubt their intensions, but you should be on top of who you feel is genuine or not. Use your intuition. As much as you feel you would like to travel outside of your home this month, you should stay put. The cards say it doesn’t look safe to travel. There are things from your past that you would like to address. Wait for another month or so before you try to pursue it. That way, you can go about it with more clarity with your heart as well as your brain.


At the beginning of this year you will feel dazed and confused, meaning you will feel like you are in a funk and won’t know what to do. Take a lot of rest if you can. Meditate. Try to eat as healthy as you can. Honestly, what I feel is you may be going through some spiritual transition in your life. Trust your emotion and your body to get through. The cards say you need the rest and you need a more nutritious diet for the New Year.


Because of Covid, you will now be seeing someone that you have not seen for a long time. This means you will have a reunion with someone you love very much. Although your health seems okay, it seems like you can still take some measures to improve it. Whether you go see a doctor or change your diet, it will go a long way. When you do, your health will improve.


This will be a month where you will be working with colleagues or even clients helping them go through a difficult passage. It’s almost like a psychologist with your work. I recommend you stay strong, stick with your opinions on this to help them get through. The cards tell me that what you say is right, not wrong, so have the confidence to do so. Once you help these people in your life, which feels unexpected for you, you can walk off into the sunset feeling relieved, empowered and successful that you know you did the right thing with your intuition and your expertise.


You should start off this month with a bang, meaning all the things you want done should happen or fall into place. Remember, as you are completing things, don’t forget the details. As successful as this could be, don’t forget to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. There is a friend or colleague you are having some difficulty with. Use the best of your diplomacy to help you get through to keep the peace, and you’ll achieve that.


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