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The Prognosis for January 2024

We pretty much begin January 2024 with both Mercury and Jupiter going direct. This means there will be more of a flow of energy for all of us, and even our mechanical devices will work better again. And since Jupiter will also be direct, it means more money and expansion. There may be devices you have that may need upgrading. But, overall, we begin the New Year with harmony. Pluto will also start to be in Aquarius for at least seven months, which means some change and innovation. But, mostly, it has to do with mechanisms in the banking system. Some of the changes may give us a small headache, but it will also give us new advancements in our ecomony running smoother. We will also have a few bumps in aviation, mostly having to do with natural earth changes, but we will be able to get through that pretty smoothly. Our new technology will help us get through the natural earth changes.

This New Year brings twenty years of change. Most of it will be welcoming, but not without some small bumps here and there.

Light all around you.

Have a Happy & Healthy New Year ;-)!


(See your astrological sign below:)


January will be a month for most Aries to expect the unexpected, but in a good way. Also it speaks of a misfortune you might have had a while ago, and you will now be financially compensated for whatever you have gone through! Lastly, you may start a new project that will make you feel more liberated!


There is a business contract of sorts you will be signing. For some reason it will balance things for you on a business level, so you won't have any worries. Plus, you should start to get a form of continued financial compensation from someone or even a business. Someone new will want to pursue you on a romantic level. The cards actually look really good. I would encourage you to accept it.


You may be getting a contract that concerns work. Just don't sign it yet, because it won't live up to your expectations. The process may be tedious, but it will be worth it, and you'll get what you want. There's a chance you'll argue with someone you don't like. Don't say too much, and you'll get what you want. Sometimes, the less said, the better.


As you begin the New Year, you may get a job promotion or even a new job offer. Either way, the outcome should be very good for you. You may meet someone new on a social level. They may want something from you, so go the other way and say no thank you. Also, if you get some sort of an unexpected bill in the mail, just be aware because you don't owe any money!


You may feel that you lost a good business opportunity, but, in actuality, you saved yourself from some financial blow. There are monies that will be granted to you, but for some reason it will be on hold for a while. If you can spare it, try not to travel this month. It doesn't look good.


There is a long relationship that you've been in, and although there is genuine love within the relationship, there are still trust issues that both of you have to resolve if you want to take it to the next level. Believe it or not, your lifelong work is still evolving even though you feel you have perfected your kraft. A friend of yours has been deceiving you for a long time and will now be up front with you about it. You' ll understand them and forgive them.


Your time has come when you'll be rewarded a huge amount of money for all the hard work that you've done. It will surprise you because you never thought it would become a reality. You'll have a new connection associated with your work that will help you with more recognition. You'll have a group of friends that will support you in your next endeavor that will help encourage you to move on.


You have a great deal of experience in your line of work that a lot of people can benefit from. Your trouble is that you have to find a way to get your name out there so more people can also appreciate your expertise in your specialty. For some reason, you've been having a hard time getting the doors that you want to go through to open. Don't worry about it so much, you'll have an Angel by your side that will unexpectedly do it for you.


You'll have no choice but to be around certain people that you have no desire to be around. Just remember, in order to get what you want accomplished, this will be the only way! You have a new idea and vision for a new project that will work. Your problem is to try to convince everyone around you that your idea could work.


There is someone that you've known almost all of your life that you've had trust issues with. Don't expect them to ever change. Someone that you love very much will be visiting you. The time spent will feel too short. There is someone you know who is ill. The sooner they get it sorted out, the better.


There will be a colleague you once knew a very long time ago that may be crossing over. Someone will tell you about it later in the year. There is someone else you know who is very old and would appreciate a call from you. Last but not least, this will be a time for you, Aquarius to make very obvious changes in your life. (Mostly, for the better.) But even when change is good, Aquarius, you struggle with it.


For some reason, there will be a lot of postponements in your workplace. It may have to do with the lines of electronic communications. There's a chance you'll be going on a short trip this month alone. If you take anything important with you, keep it next to you, not away from you. This will be a hard time for you to complete certain tasks. Don't rush! It will all fall into place for you!


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