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Updated: May 1, 2022

The Prognosis for March 2022

It would not be wise to travel around just yet. That's a common theme for most zodiac signs this month. There are still things that need to be achieved at your current location. Although you have felt restraint, that will soon be lifting. Just realize, sometimes it may take a little more time to adjust when you start commuting around again. The Universe wants you to pace yourself and take it in smaller steps.

On an international level, there have been many institutions that have not been honest with you. There will be truths opening that should alter viewpoints on everyday patterns. There will be changes made because of certain things that have been covered up for a long time. They will be exposed. Although we have not noticed that things have been bottled up personally for us, there will be issues that will now alter the world on a new improved level. A good example from the past is when computers and the internet were invented they revolutionized our lives forever. Just realize, that trajectory is continuing (technology and otherwise).

On a military level, even though Ukraine doesn’t have as much as Russia, Ukraine will win and remain independent.

Light all around you!


(See your astrological sign below:)


You begin March as if you can’t get things done from the past. Everything gets settled in the ending. There is a good chance that you may clash with someone. The best antidote here is to be straightforward and honest although it may offend the other person. They will respect your honesty and it will work out. As we get out of the pandemic, if you don’t want to change anything with your work arrangements it will be fine. You will be doing some experimental medical procedures. It will work very fast and do well for you.


This will be a month where you will start getting some answers to some unexplained questions. You will also have some unexpected changes at work. They will be alright. You may not like them, but they will be alright. On the other hand, your love life should be rocking and rolling. Your better half will be progressing in life which also makes your life better. Also, don’t try out anything new for a little while longer. It won’t work out. Just live the same old same old and things will be turning out okay for you. Things are just not ready for the next steps.


This month will be a very good work month and you might even be starting a new job. You will get exactly what you want, and it will be an ideal job for you. I suggest you accept it! You will have to turn up for a function that will feel more like an obligation. I feel it has to do with the family. Grin and bear it because, in the long run, you will get brownie points in heaven for it. Also, if you want to travel this month you can do it. It will be more toward the end of the month, but you won’t have to feel stuck anymore. There has been someone who has been a thorn in your foot. This person will now be leaving you, and you won’t feel any animosity anymore from them.


There is a past business situation that may come back up unexpectedly that you must deal with. If this is the case, it should go very fast. Realize, it has nothing to do with current business. It concerns past business. It is something that can be nipped in the bud, although it is something that is unexpected. Also, there is something that you might have to investigate from your past that is owed to you, but they don’t want to honor it. Make sure it is taken care of, so you get what is owed to you. After a long period of time of not being happy, you will now begin exactly what you want with your life and be very happy as well as financially “profitable.” You should embrace that word. You’ve been going through a situation with your health for a long time. It will be lifting so you will be okay again, and you will feel brand new.


You have been given a promising new offer that looks really really good. Do more homework because you better make sure you are happy with what is in your contract before you sign it. Of course, what you are doing now is also very good. I would encourage you to stay with the old job instead of going with the new one anyway. If you decide to move somewhere else, the universe is saying it isn’t yet time for you to move. Stay where you are a little longer. If you are in a relationship or marriage, the cards don’t look promising, so before you decide to move, you will need to clean up the relationship or move on without it.


You’ll be having a temporary breakup with someone you know closely. There is a reason why. It is not permanent. What is happening, there is someone new that is supposed to come into your life be it business or personal. The Universe is offering you an opportunity to meet this other person, and then the old person will come back into your life. This is all meant to happen, so try not to control it, and things will fall into place. Don’t try to change it. There is a reason for it. It could be romantic. It could be professional.


Someone who likes you very much would like to spend more time with you on a work level. The Universe suggests that you allow it to happen. The Universe also suggests that you stay in one place this month because there may be a missed opportunity otherwise. There is a business project that you have been waiting for a long time that will make you very successful. Just be patient because it is not yet ready to happen, but that doesn’t mean you can keep working toward the goal.


There is a possibility that someone close to you has not been well for a long time. A new medication will be coming out that will help and change their life significantly in the nick of time. Having said that, your prayers will be answered. There is a work project that you wanted to do but circumstances have prevented it from happening. It will now start moving but not as fast as you’d like. This will be a month where you will enter an agreement with someone you have not been seeing eye to eye with. You will be coming to a compromise that you will both be happy with.


There is a project or something that you have been doing, but you are not getting results. The Universe said you are not using the right ingredients or floorplan for this to happen. Do more research and find another alternative to get this project off the ground, and then it will. It’s like you are using wood glue for a piece of ceramic, and it just doesn’t hold. Someone will make a suggestion at work that you know will not work. Be very honest and say thank you, but it isn’t right for you. The Universe is saying regardless of what you want to do hold out for one more month. Otherwise, it won’t hold together until next month anyway. Be patient.


Certain changes that you have been waiting a long time for will be happening this month. It could be business or health, but you’ll be navigating a change in course and making life a lot easier and healthier. Whatever you feel that has been holding you down will be eradicated for the better. Disagreements you have been having with a friend or relative will be dissolving.


After much wheeling and dealing, on an old project, you should get exactly what you want. I do get the spring-summer card here, so it is getting close for it to happen. If you are single, your love life will be eventually happening, but right now you can’t do anything about it. There are things taking place in your life that won’t allow it. Don’t try to figure it out, just accept it. There will be someone you will eventually be seeing that will be very good for you and help lift your spirits up. It will be a good meeting to your benefit.


The Universe recommends that you don’t travel this month. There are too many good things happening to you where you live, so stay put. If you are having any disagreement with someone at work, your employer will make it very comfortable for you because they don’t want you to leave. The ball is in your court. You’ve been feeling stuck in a situation for a while. You will find your answer or the antidote for it. It’s a unique solution that will work just for you.


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