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Updated: May 1, 2022

The Prognosis for March 2022

It would not be wise to travel around just yet. That's a common theme for most zodiac signs this month. There are still things that need to be achieved at your current location. Although you have felt restraint, that will soon be lifting. Just realize, sometimes it may take a little more time to adjust when you start commuting around again. The Universe wants you to pace yourself and take it in smaller steps.

On an international level, there have been many institutions that have not been honest with you. There will be truths opening that should alter viewpoints on everyday patterns. There will be changes made because of certain things that have been covered up for a long time. They will be exposed. Although we have not noticed that things have been bottled up personally for us, there will be issues that will now alter the world on a new improved level. A good example from the past is when computers and the internet were invented they revolutionized our lives forever. Just realize, that trajectory is continuing (technology and otherwise).

On a military level, even though Ukraine doesn’t have as much as Russia, Ukraine will win and remain independent.

Light all around you!


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