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The Prognosis for March 2023

This will be a month of a lot of unexpected change in the United States and the world. In the beginning, the appearance may not look good, but we will be going in the right direction. Just realize, sometimes progress can be scary because we feel we are moving into the unexpected. In addition, all the progress will feel like it is moving very fast and feel uncomfortable. Just remember, we felt very comfortable with the horse and buggy, and then the car came along and might have felt uncomfortable, but it also felt revolutionary. It worked to our advantage. Understand that these changes will be the best for us, and there is no reason to get upset or fearful over it. There is no place for it. Fear just makes us stupid instead of smart.

Light all around you!


(See your astrological sign below:)


Do you remember when that old profit told Julius Caesar, “Beware of the ides of March,” and he didn’t listen? Well, this month it is time for you to listen. If your intuition warns you or someone warns you about something, take your ego out of the way and listen for a change. It may save you a lot of grief. Once you become awake for the rest of the month, things should go unusually smoothly for you. This will be a month of learning new things and having to work with those new things in your life. You will look at old things in a new way. Just remember, when you get your ego out of the way you will become more intuitive and aware of things you should do and things you should avoid.


Because of all the hard work that you have done, there will be a promotion coming up. There is also a good chance that an old employer will ask you back, but I would turn it down. You will eventually see the rewards for the actions you take this month. They will manifest as time goes by.


You will be given an offer that looks temporary and that you won’t want to do. I recommend that you do it because other good offers will follow. What you do with the first offer will open doors. You won’t have to do much for it to have a continuation on that level. Also, there was a project that you wanted to do this winter, but the doors were closed. Come early spring, you could negotiate what you originally wanted to do, and it will start working out for you. The best lesson you are learning is with a little bit of patience things will work out for you.


You have been listening to your inner voice, and although things have been stressful for you, this will be a month where a lot of breakthroughs will be coming your way. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do because it will make you emotionally and physically ill. Whatever you set out for dreams of your past can now come true. You will be very richly rewarded on a financial level. There is someone that you have been working with, and you are not sure if it was the right choice or not to be working with them. As time goes on all doubts will disappear, and you will see that it was the right decision.


There is a chance that you will be innocently heading into a new venture. You are not sure of what the outcome is going to be. Rest assured everything will go smoothly and comfortably for you. Also, this is a warning that if someone should ask you to travel with them, I would recommend that you don’t because you could become unhealthy. If you must go then take precautions as well as a lot of zinc vitamins. If you have your own company, there will be a vacancy that has to be filled. This will be a good month to choose the right person to fill this position.


There is a good chance that there will be unexpected damage done to your work environment. Because of that, you may feel that you must spend money that you don’t have. You know how things happen in the movies. You will get an offer where you make a huge amount of money in the nick of time. And, you will have some money to spare. With all this being done, you could take advance of what you feel you want to be replaced as you make these renovations. I guess you could say it is the luck of the Irish!


I will start by saying that since you are a Libra and ruled by Venus and Venus will be matching up with Jupiter, a lot of good things should be happening for you this month. You have had to wait for things that have been delayed, in the past, but things will come to fruition, and you will be nicely rewarded. You will feel as if it is suddenly going from night to daylight, but in actuality, this has been brewing in the background. Anything that doesn’t work for you anymore will be released from all of that. Sometimes the unexpected is where some of the best things happen.


There is a chance that you will be getting an opportunity to see someone you have not seen in a long time. With this reconciliation, a lot of your questions will be answered, and certain truths will come out. Also, you will be given a job opportunity that looks exceptionally good, but it’s not! I would recommend that you do not take it. You will be thankful that you didn’t take it because there will be other opportunities that you would have missed. You will be seeing someone who is younger, (feels like an offspring), and they will ask you for a small loan. Knowing you in this situation, you will give unconditionally.


This will be a month where you will be getting a lot of new offers. Having said that, this will be a time that you must use your intuition. For the majority of the offers, you will be getting this month you can just say no because they are not good. The one that you will take will be the one that is the most unexpected. Surprisingly speaking, you will likely have to prove yourself with this one even though you stumbled on it. It is the right one. On a universal level, there are no accidents.


This will be a time when you will be using your intuition, but you will also be using the “practical you” at the same time. You will also be working with a new device that is very different, but it will help you. I am not sure if it will help you mentally or physically, but it will help you. Also, you will be getting visitors that you haven’t seen in a long time. The reunion will be a happy one. If you feel traveling to a specific destination is not right for you, don’t go. Listen to yourself. In the end, you will be happy that you listened.


There is a special someone that you will eventually be meeting. You should have met this person sooner than later, but it will still happen. This will be a month of twists and turns with things you can’t see, but overall, the outcome will be very good for you. There is someone very dear to you and no matter what you do, it is hard for you to help them. The best you can do is to pray for them and hope the outcome will be good. Finally, with all the hard work you have done all your life, you will start seeing the beginning of the rewards coming to you this month. They will progress for the rest of the year. Just realize, change and new things can happen to you.


I want to start by saying Happy Birthday. Realize, the first four months of the year of your birthday is when you can get things done that you want to accomplish, so take advantage of it. This will be the kind of month that even with your days off you will feel like you have things to complete. You will feel like you are not getting any rest. You will realize that there are just some things in your life that you must get rid of. Don’t feel bad about it because some of the stuff just doesn’t work for you anymore. Trust your instincts with this. Once you get rid of the clutter, you will feel light and energized in a way that you haven’t felt in a long time. Just remember what I said at the beginning. This is a time that you can remove the clutter and build new dreams you want to build.


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