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Updated: May 1, 2022

The Prognosis for May 2021

Because of something different and unique, we will feel a new type of freedom coming our way, and this may be because Covid19 cases will be going down. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be cautious and use your better judgment until it is revealed. This will be a time where new things will happen, and your judgment will be clear to make the best decisions of what you want to do with this new freedom. You are getting closer to a time where you can start to socialize in bigger crowds, but proceed with caution. For the most part, my cards are giving the green light.

Although the industrial world is getting back on its feet internationally, third-world countries are not at the same level health-wise. Do not try to fly to Africa, Southern Asia, or India if you can avoid it. This month will be about breakthroughs for the medical profession and other forms of industry as well. It will be a time of newfound information coming out to the world and a new form of investment.

Light all around you!

Although you haven’t been taking care of your health in the best way possible, the Universe has your back. In the meantime, it would be wise that you make a regular appointment with your doctor to see where you are. There is someone from your past that would like to see you that you don’t get along with. It would be best that you talk to them, but don’t see them in person. They will just give you a headache again. There will be someone coming along giving you a business proposition. You will not be sure about it, but the proposition is very good, so please consider it. If you take this you’ll do very well and you’ll have freedom of control. You know how much you love control!


This will be the kind of month where you take the philosophy that nothing in life is an emergency. The reason I am saying this is if you don’t, you might get into a bad accident. It doesn’t hurt to repeat the affirmation, “The Universe is in divine order.” It looks like with the knowledge you have, you might want to start your own business. The Universe is saying your ideas are good, but your business partners might surprise you. It’s as if opposites attract, and in this situation that would be a good thing. There is something that you have wanted to do for a long time, but the Universe hasn’t allowed you to walk through those doors. Don’t try to push those doors open, they will open by themselves. When that happens, everything will flow and have a good harmony with it.


There is a deal that someone would like you to partner on. You are very insecure about it, but the deal is very good for you and will help you plan for the future. This month you might get more than one work offer, but before you sign any contracts give it to an attorney so you can make sure that you are not missing anything. If there is any venture that you want to go into this month it would be best that you have someone with you. This is not a time where you should be proud and do something on your own.


The Universe wants you to know that you have been going through a couple of near misses and have been guiding you so that you don’t step in any holes. Also, there is something that you want to procure but the universe hasn’t allowed you to spend money on what you want. The good news, it will be up for sale for the fraction of its cost. It usually doesn’t go on sale so you will be very happy when you see it. Although you feel that no matter where you turn, things feel like they are not opening up for you, and that will be ending soon. Again, the Universe is trying to protect you from certain situations that are not for your higher good. The Universe wants you to know you are at the right place at the right time. If you are looking for a job, you will be bumping into an opportunity that will work for you.


Right now you feel that you are in a bind with your partner or your spouse, and you cannot agree on a specific topic. You will figure out a solution on your own and execute it. You should do a fine job. The only bad thing is that you are going to have a pissed partner, so try to be as diplomatic as you can and convince them why your solution was the best solution for you both. If for some reason you signed a contract and have regrets, there will be a way of getting out of it so don’t worry. This will be a month where you may have one disagreement after the other with your partner. This will go fast and is a learning process but will not put your relationship in jeopardy. One of the problems is that you have a lot of ambition and your partner does not understand where it is coming from.


A love interest will unexpectedly make a surprise visit to see you. As much as you love this person, your feelings will be happy yet agitated because most Virgos do not like surprises. Someone will give you an unexpected offer in your line of work. You would be a fool to turn it down. Even in your work, there will be a few surprises. Just be quick on your reflexes so everything has a safe place to land. Don’t be afraid.


Since Covid is lifting, you can start to do things on the outside where the opportunities will be better than staying at home. If you are not happy with what you are doing now, you may have an opportunity to find a new profession. If you have been having trust issues, the Universe is saying that you have very good intuition to help get you out of any obstacle there. Whatever past investments you have made will be coming to fruition for you.


There is someone that will want to do a business deal with you. For some reason, you do not trust them. One of the reasons is this person is likely a fire sign and you are a water sign. The deal is not bad and perhaps you should consider it. It might feel like your hair has been rubbed the wrong way, but it is a good deal. This is a good month to find alternatives to any health issues you’ve had this year to get you back in good health again. Although you have been concerned about money issues, soon you won’t have to worry. Somehow, through making an investment, insurance, or inheritance, eventually, you will be getting a truckload of money delivered to your door.


This will be a month where you will be thinking about education, study, school, and progress. This means that if you want to take the next step in your life, you will have to get the appropriate education to get ahead. Once you do this, you could get out of any work situation that you do not want to be in and go into a new place of work or to the next level in your career. There is a part of you that doesn’t want to do this, even if your life will be so much better. Once you do so, you will see new rewards coming into your life.


First of all, this will be a very good month where everything comes into place after a not so short winter. This means that a lot of people will now want to come to visit you and see how you are doing. You will be seeing one of your most favorite people in your life. You should be getting more than one job opportunity in your line of work or your specialty. Someone will be giving you a very expensive gift or a gift of a lot of money.


You will have some unexpected opportunities or contracts coming into your life this month. You feel good and intimidated about it at the same time. It will feel so close to you, yet so far away. For example, it’s close to you, it is postponed, and then it is not postponed. You’re going to be getting something after waiting for a long time. It is something in your line of work that you are good at that will finally come to fruition. It is a breakthrough!


Whatever you do for a living, you should be getting a raise. As good as it sounds; it doesn’t come without a catch. So, be careful whether you want to accept this raise or promotion. You will be finding out something about your partner that will bother you, but you should get through it. This month will be a good time to explore good places to go with a partner or a good friend. Anything you feel that you had to have in your life as an added procedure, you can now let it go and feel more comfortable.



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