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The Prognosis for May 2023

From all over the United States and around the world, we all should be going through a lot of unexpected changes, and we may not be ready to make these changes. Although most of these changes will be good, once we get there. We will be hesitant at first. These changes may be harder for the geriatric crowd, but that doesn't mean they can't make them. The faster we are with making these changes, the better it will go. It will also be a time to look at money and how to hold on to it. Overall, life and business should escalate for us as we get closer to autumn/winter.

Light all around you!


(See your astrological sign below:)


This will be a month for you of more than one form of business negotiations. Through it, anything that doesn't go your way, you'll be able to turn it around in your favor. And it could happen swiftly and painlessly. Also, you may have an obligation to travel this month, but whatever it is you could look after it through Zoom instead of traveling. You'll also find a way to cut your work time in half. You may experiment with it first before you actually do it.


As you go through May, this will be a month for you where things will be exposed that you were unaware of or kept secret from you in one way or another. This experience may rattle you, but you will maintain your balance. Also, certain monies should be given to you through some sort of contract, maybe from work or an inheritance. Plus, this will be a very substantial month of things ending with new beginnings.


Trust, faith, and unity will be the backbone for you to wrestle with this month. And go with it because you'll get exactly what you want. It may be a new job, a promotion, or a raise. With some hard wheeling and dealing, you could make it all come true for yourself. Also, on a personal note, you will reconcile with someone you were once close to.


New, new, new! This will be a month of things ending and of new beginnings. May it be a new house, a new job or getting more money through a raise, or even stocks. But nonetheless, there will be an expansion on a money level for sure. Although this month will be about change or even continued change, it will be easy on your mental and emotional systems.


You may have no choice but to take a trip somewhere. Although it may look like a personal trip, it will be more for business, where you'll have a chance to expand your horizons, maybe even at someone else's expense. Ironically, this trip will spare you any uncomfortable business on the home front. So, it should be a win-win for you for this month.


This month will be all about throwing away things you don't need anymore or don't have much use for anyway. This will make you become stronger on what you feel is really useful to you in the ending. But please don't fill it up with new objects you really don't need. Also, you may have a disagreement with someone you are close to. It would be wise not to say anything to inflame the situation.


You may do something very unusual or different this month that you've never done before, but to your surprise, it will be a job well done. Also, you just may rekindle an old love relationship that you once had. I would recommend that you go for it. The ailment you've had in the past will now be taken care of which you couldn't do before. You'll also accidentally bump into an old friend of yours. You will be well received.


This will be one of those kinds of months where you'll want to save everyone that you love that you feel need rescuing! When in reality you actually know the best thing you could do is just stay put. However, those who you love will eventually reach out to you! And then, you can spring upon them and quietly save them. You'll be calm, cool, and collected and with a sympathetic smile. Remember, you are only human.


You feel kind of discouraged this month to carry on with your projects and just don't want to do anything. It's ok to feel this way for a while, but you know it's really a huge insult to your intelligence. First, do something to help fill up that void. Then, with the residue of the remaining pain within you, you resurrect it like a conductor and start your new symphony!


There is someone from your past that you had a falling out with. The falling out will eventually be lifting. You do have a spiritual connection with this person. Someone you know may be going through a tough time or be in a depression. This person may approach you for help. You have what it takes to help this individual.


May will be one of those months when you'll see old friends that you haven't seen for a while, and then, later on during the month, you will make new acquaintances that can become new friends as time goes on. On that note, you also may have a huge disagreement with an old friend of yours. But if you stand your ground, you could win this round. Last but not least, this may very well be a learning month for you on how you live your life or how you see life in general.


You find yourself making new adjustments with someone you know. It could be with someone you live with or even a new coworker. Having said all that, you will elliminate what doesn't work for you anymore and then bring new things into your life to help improve yourself.


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